Well UmmMM leTs Se...TheY caLL me "V" Im 20 so no One Under 17 TalK to Me plZ (oO.Oo) I smoKe GreEn( weLL iTs nOt aLwayS gReen someTimes its Purple or OtheRwise Lmao) I watCh Alot of AniMe and I caN drAw I juS donT own A scAnNer lol ^.^ I Play vidEo Games and uhh oh Im a maSter at haCk..(i GotS thEm JestA'z dOwn anD my Wrap Aound StaLLz) I like To Hang.. sMoke ..Im a SecUtity GuarD by DAy And a NinJa by NighT >.> .................
CohhEEd is The Best FuXXin Band In Da worLd!!!!

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....Im a Leo...i LikE ChiCken anD GrapE SoDA!!
I livE on A rocK somewhre iN NyC and uhh yea Thas bout it

Hit me upp XP

Myspace url :********
Aim: Obliviousreason
DaS MeH!!!
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