Oh god. I have to do this don't I? I hate talking about my likes.

I enjoy all of these things below:

Art memes, ART (I like graphite and Prismacolor pencils), Slipknot, Disturbed, VIDEO GAMES, funny sex faces, men, woman, cats, reading, HISTORY (UNF), stickers, fruits, vegetables, roleplaying, WRITING, and some anime and manga.

-Anime and manga I like: I am very picky with this. D. Gray-Man, Hetalia (And I know it isn't all true. Sue me for liking to giggle every once and a while), Anything by Kaori Yuki, and other things.

-Specific periods of history I enjoy: All of Russian and German history, Seven Years War, British empire, most American history more so early on, War of Spanish Succession, War of Austrian Succession, all about Protestant struggles, Canada's involvment in WWI and II. (They were in it for longer than us. How many of you knew that?), and others.

-Art memes: I found one on sex faces and that made me giggle but I really like the Time Warp ones. Nice insight. Especially with Hetalia characters and the artist knows enough to give a long description of every stage. Unf unf unf. Actual history though, not 'So and so has this because it's cute/funny/ironic/hot'.

What does this lovely person hate? These things:

I hate so many things. Most of them being stupid things.

Smacking gum, bad manners, picky eating (I eat ANYTHING. You should too.), unflavored water, child safty caps, IGNORANCE TO HISTORY, the KKK and all other organized hate groups, licorice jelly beans, your mom, my mom, your mom's mom, Macs, people who whistle their S's, girls who act dumb to make guys look at them. (It is NOT CUTE.), and swimming.

I support all relationships, gay or straight. So I won't tolerate any prejudice about that. If you want to spout that bollox go somewhere else.

I am 16, a chick, and I live in Florida. Avatar be damned I'm girly. Kinda. Not really. Shut up I like it. Ha ha.

And if you know what Anarchy truly is I will love you. Seriously. I will take a picture of me saying I love you in sign language and send that to you.

On that note I refuse to ever watch the movie Avatar. And Forest Gump.


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I Don't Wanna Name This.

S'not like I'll use this much.


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Seraph of Thursday

Report | 04/21/2011 4:02 pm

Seraph of Thursday

RPS, yes - idolslash, heh, of the band I'm obsessed with. I've never read anything of historical characters, mostly because I have more respect for dead people than I do for the living ones, ironically enough. Reading of dead people makes me feel like they're staring at my back with a frown on their dead faces. But, what you said sounds very familiar nonetheless. Man how much has fanfiction - and fanart, especially - ruined!
I'm very picky about my anime and manga too. I haven't watched any series since Jigoku Shoujo, which I finished about three years ago, fully. I've read six books of Higurashi -when they cry-, it's been very good so far, except one annoyingly stereotypical character. My ex told me she'll surprise me over time, but I'd rather have her disappear to make the manga perfect. stressed
I'm a sucker for ACs. Haven't been able to afford Brotherhoods yet, but I intend to. Eagerly waiting for the third installment. I'm usually more drawn to medieval war games, such as the Total Wars and Mount&Blade, which are some I've played lately, but AC had something very damn special in it to get me hooked, heh. I've thought of trying L4D, but so far, too expensive. gonk
Seraph of Thursday

Report | 04/21/2011 3:43 pm

Seraph of Thursday

I'm more of a rain person myself, there is no prettier weather than a good storm and a bucketful of rain - however, this weather is not so much rain and more clouds and wet winds, so I'd happily trade it off for some Florida, at least for a day or two.
And ah, no, it's not creeping, it's called "reading the public profile", which is all good and fine! I don't really read fanfiction, or anything not found between published covers, I'm not entirely sure why. It just seems to make me anxious and depressed. However, I write fanfiction. Real-person slash mostly, but also shorties from games. I'd write original - and I intend to write a book as soon as I get my block kicked back out - but I don't know where to publish it, and I'm a comment whore. gonk
You mentioned Hetalia, so I suppose you're an anime-oriented fanfictionist?
Seraph of Thursday

Report | 04/21/2011 3:32 pm

Seraph of Thursday

Finland is dark, chilly and wet. neutral Trees are trying hard to grow leaves, though!
And I know what you mean - I hate my aquarium hangi
Seraph of Thursday

Report | 04/18/2011 3:04 pm

Seraph of Thursday

Your signature is the best I've seen. heart

Report | 01/31/2011 3:39 pm


Hey! it's been a while, how goes it? : )

Report | 01/01/2011 10:16 pm


Sweeet. We're on pretty much the same level in terms of RE knowledge, LOL." Most of my knowledge comes from Max Brooks as well! C: I own WWZ too, and I'm still reading it (just got it). I've seen Degeneration, RE 1, Extinction and Afterlife. This is kinda lame but I've never played the video games, but I have the RE4 iPhone app (don't judge me... ._.') and I've referred to the Wiki constantly... That site and zombie wiki are my homepages. o.o'

As for the email, I agree that it's best we keep things to email. Plus Gaia ToS can't do s**t when the flexibility for different situations kicks in... :') I'm on my phone a lot more than I'm on a computer anyway, and it's wayy easier to go to my email than having to post on Gaia. Hell, I'm having trouble posting a comment on my phone but I'm too lazy too get out of bed and go downstairs. xD

I could do an assassin x assassin role-play, but seeing that I've never played Creed [finally bought myself a console, so I'll actually be playing that game some time... xD], I can't do an Assassin's Creed RP, but I AM willing to do an original assassin role-play.

Zombies. Eat Flesh! C: (lol sorry I'm eating Subway... O_e) Yesyesyes. <333 Most definitely will do, no hesitation whatsoever. 8D In terms of RE, Leon/OC or Leon/Claire. Steve Burnside is okay as well. Just so you know, I'm a junkie for all things romantic and passionate (guns and grenades included). >///<" Otherwise I'm always cool with an original.

My Fandoms/Cravings? Here... Will repeat some stuff just for an easier reference.
- Zombies
Leon or Steve or OC/Claire, or Alice or OC
Original is fine too.
- Tomb Raider. Oh, yes. <3 Lara Croft and Alex West. 8D
- Medieval fantasy settings. Fun shtuffs. <3 Perhaps Royal x Captive, something of the sort.
- Anything with a demon slaying theme, or with vampires in them. No Twilight crapshit, please. :'c
- Military setting (Noticed our love of officer ranks, hehehe. :3) We could make it a modern setting and even incorporate zombies. : D
...Eh, that's all I have for now. ;-; Sorry if I made you go TL;DR... xD

colonel.valkyrie@yahoo.com . Please feel free to send me a hello if you wish. If you can add me on IM. Would make our lives a lot easier. (:

Report | 12/21/2010 10:15 am


lol I think it glitched. Haha delete my old comment.

I do either, but right now I've been leaning towards RE and zombie things... other things too but I've got to go and make a thread for that. xD You can most certainly list things you like! If you want the list of what I like then I'll link you to the thread as soon as I'm done typing it up... xP

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Report | 12/20/2010 5:03 pm


R-18? lol
Haha, that's fine with me. (x I was wondering if you do 1x1s, perchance?

Report | 12/20/2010 4:30 pm


Yes, I did stalk your profile.
But... I noticed you like roleplaying. : o I like roleplaying too. c:


What the hell am I supossed to put here? Porn?