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About Maiyu:
Age: 32
Birthday: July 20
Hair color: blackish-brown
Eye color: brown
Height: 5’1”
Heritage: Korean/German
Hobbies: makeup, nails, watching youtube, occasionally watching anime, reading

I am a mother of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Married to my best friend. I used to be a frequent gaian when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. I'm back for a change of pace from my usual hobbies which includes too much youtube.

Current stuff I'm into:
Streaming shows: WandaVision, The Uncanny Counter
Anime: Tonikawa: Over the moon for you
Novel: Twilight: Midnight Sun
Video game: Kingdom Hearts 2 (if I have the time to play)


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OnyxNeo Report | 02/17/2021 8:02 am
your avi is pretty
Angel Bruja Report | 02/16/2021 3:28 pm
Angel Bruja
Cute avatar.
Kiwi-cha Report | 12/12/2020 4:48 pm
Yo yo yo hey man!
Marveller Report | 05/15/2010 11:14 pm
I really like your avi!
Rain-at-2PM Report | 02/09/2010 4:51 pm
I have one question. Could i get the code for your profile? i really like the layout of it but i want to change things around like the picture and font. I want to make another 2PM theme profile! thks =]
Sonic Candy Report | 01/16/2010 3:56 pm
Sonic Candy
Hey. Thanks for buying in my shop. heart

Peace! ~ Sonic Candy
The Fluffy Kitten Report | 10/15/2009 5:18 pm
The Fluffy Kitten
I think you are and I would buy~ If it wasn't too much. Lol
The Fluffy Kitten Report | 10/10/2009 9:52 am
The Fluffy Kitten
Welcome. x3 Do you have a profile shop?
The Fluffy Kitten Report | 10/03/2009 11:09 am
The Fluffy Kitten
I like your layout :0
XxXMajor ZeroXxX Report | 09/04/2009 4:18 am
XxXMajor ZeroXxX
Can you fix it by any chance? I'm not really satisfied with the results. Like can you make it like we are holding hands?