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【 s h o r t - i n t r o 】
Hi there Stalker! Thanks for peeping le profii of mine.
First of all, before you add me, you have to read my rules.
It's sooo important. Please do read it. And last, YOU HAVE TO RESPECT ME. yeah. I also love caps lock, for some unknown reasons. Thanks~ Keep on peeping.

【 i m p o r t a n t - message 】
SEMi-HiATUS. You already know what's the meaning of that, right? If you don't then, I'll tell you why. I'm currently the feature writer of our school's newspaper.
I belong to the top section so I have to study hard and yeaaaa.



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{ Gaia-ing since: 2011 }

Okay now. Let's start.
I'm 99% human. The Remaining 1 percent is 0.50% magician, 0.25 percent alien, and 0.25%
dunno. Or at least that's what I hope I am. SADLY NOT! I'm a 14 year old psycho nerd who lacks interpersonal neutrality skills. Don't google it, I practically made that up, then again I'm a queen so just pretend it's real!

I have a king, not like those dreamy I'm-riding-a-fancy-unicorn prince. He exist, He doesn't know that I do too.

I only wish for one thing that there isn't something called procrastination
in the world & a limit of 24 hours each day. So I can do nothing, then again, it's a bad idea.


gaia_nitemareleft The Healing's Notes/Rules gaia_nitemareright
{ yea, we need this kind of stuff }

Respect me.

Add me if you want to talk, if not, don't.

you may leave a tagalog comment ^^,

certified anime addicted. leave anime comments, if you want.

always bored. so you should always entertain me.

I love gifts. who doesn't?

I have a lot of notes.



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【 i m a h u m a n a f t e r a l l 】

Dotii, Hela, Ette, Do-chi, Poison, Paradox


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*hugs* emotion_hug

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hello my new member its your leader i hope you have a wonderful time and im very happy to meet you
much love your cat leader ~nya

heart heart heart heart

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forever alone
Alteza Real

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Alteza Real

I like the bow cursor on your page!
How did you get that?

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Youre welcome sweetheart (: thanks for the add!


Iced Dreams
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