"They say that God forgives even murder.

I'm not God."

24. Male. Draws. Roleplays. Call me Mai.
Always down for a nice convo, but isn't worth your time. And yes, I do often have something witty to say.
Art by MaIfeasance.

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i see you seeing me

Lord Norghul on 11/17/2023
Introvert Reaper on 11/06/2022
Wittle Darkling on 02/11/2022
Coffed on 10/20/2021
Kur0Nek03 on 12/31/2020
Bri_Blood on 11/05/2020
Cajun soul on 09/02/2020
Shade Nightz on 08/11/2020
AI-SENPII on 07/31/2020
Demonic Lord Dante on 07/24/2020
Nao Tatashi on 06/02/2020
Arii o on 06/02/2020
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Dalion Heart on 02/29/2020
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octavius fair on 02/05/2020

aight, imma ******** witcha

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enter: malfeasance

I don't care about tomorrow,
I can only live in the moment.
I don't want to blame anyone for the path I take.

24. Male. Draws. Roleplays. Call me Mai or Mal, I don't care. Isn't worth your time.
I don't even use this site anymore.


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Demonic Lord Dante Report | 07/24/2020 11:42 am
Demonic Lord Dante
you don't know me, but thanks for showing me a good leg mod for males that works with el guapo xd
been looking for one that's not ridiculously overpriced lol
Coffeehouse Ghost Report | 12/14/2019 7:00 am
Coffeehouse Ghost
Coffeehouse Ghost Report | 11/28/2019 2:32 pm
Coffeehouse Ghost
Corrupt Frendo Report | 11/25/2019 9:27 am
Corrupt Frendo
heart heart heart

Hi hi! How have you been lately?
Renhjartad Report | 11/21/2019 9:49 pm
Hi. I've switched to a new account. I sent you a request from it. I think. UN : Corrupt Frendo.
Kimora LaDubois Report | 07/25/2019 9:03 pm
Kimora LaDubois
Hi, I saw that you said my name in towns 2 before I went afk. Do we know each other?
D i s c o t o n i c Report | 06/17/2019 11:16 am
D i s c o t o n i c
Yes, it has. I went on a super hiatus. sweatdrop
Introvert Reaper Report | 05/22/2019 8:45 pm
Introvert Reaper
Well sorry bud
Introvert Reaper Report | 05/22/2019 8:24 pm
Introvert Reaper
My previous name was -l- Kumamon -l- and Tomboy I hope you remember yum_puddi
Coffed Report | 03/24/2019 10:22 pm
I. lyk. ur. ert.
D i s c o t o n i c
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Midnight Bunbun
Lord Norghul
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Booty God
Bon Bon Bonbori

"If your opponent leaves you an opening, take it. If you feel pity, don't. They will not pity you."

gotta remember to add more