i whisper to the clouds. . .

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a lil chitchat...

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Joslyn102 Report | 05/08/2009 1:49 pm
i luv ur profile!! its so cool
Beloved Carmine Report | 04/11/2009 5:57 pm
Beloved Carmine
ll W I N G ll Report | 03/27/2009 3:56 pm
ll W I N G ll
Divine Darkness 24 Report | 03/15/2009 4:35 pm
Divine Darkness 24
hello wazzup? not too much here..
Ada Lovelace 1852 Report | 02/07/2009 12:36 pm
Ada Lovelace 1852
nice profile! User Image
jellybean-supreme-96 Report | 01/31/2009 10:54 am
from mr. green i mean keep getting them cofused

I, myself, and me.

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About MUAH and i don’t speak French! :D


I am an anime lover and an artist. I like to hang out with my friends, but i also like to spend time alone and daydream...my favorite anime's are Tsubasa, Air, and Luckystar i have lots of favorites but i try to level it down to those three.

I like to explore and imagine. Lots of times I'll have my nose stuck in a book (most likely fiction) or be watching anime ^.^
my favorite colors are white, black, violet...and blue...lol...

So with that.........

Hope to see you ppl around!

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