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Birthday: 08/21


I am a very happy female yum_cupcake
Like to make alotta of friends emotion_facepalm
I consider myself an artist heart
I like drawing anime and semi realistic portraits
Here is my DA page : Feel free to request arts for your avi ^^
Pewdiepie_bro , Nigahiga_lamp
these two are my favourite youtubers yum_cupcake
I am obsessed with anime Shiki emotion_bigheart
My favorite anime couple is Natsuno xKaori emotion_kirakira
Sonic is my best friend since I was 8 .

I also love Ada wong , Lara croft, Tashiqi

I play video games : Ff xv , Nier Automata, until dawn ,
the walking dead , Kingdom hearts , Legend of Mana ,
Tomb Raider , Resident evil ..etc biggrin emotion_bigheart

Feel free to Pm me ;3




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Lil lily91 Report | 08/21/2020 2:11 pm
Lil lily91
Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well~
Kidakahkash Report | 08/18/2019 2:01 am
I hope you are doing well. It's been awhile. emotion_bigheart gaia_sakura heart
Krizi Hunny Report | 06/28/2019 6:48 am
Krizi Hunny
yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi

Hi, how are you, Mai? Been wondering how you've been. 3nodding
I am missing a lot on Gaiaonline and when I came back, the prices of the items i want are overpriced again. sweatdrop
And again, this community always make me surprised at the inflation rates.

yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
Noufatile Report | 04/06/2019 5:32 pm
Hello , my friend Mai.
How are you doing ? It is been a while since I've seen you online .
I really miss talking to you . My life is becoming better ; I've got the job I wanted , and I work every day and it brings to me !
Finally got to cut of the boring routine and broke away from it .
x-DrawsWithFist-x Report | 10/14/2018 3:31 pm
i got a job at the airport finally, so i barelly have time for anything >.<
x-DrawsWithFist-x Report | 10/05/2018 12:49 am
boop, i miss you D: lol
a bit of a waifu Report | 10/01/2018 4:00 pm
a bit of a waifu
ooof girl my tummies acctin upp,, not sur if i wil be able to ply wit u by then,,
also aww thankk youu~ heart it looks kinda s**t tho but glad u think that LOL
i think your avi is cute as well~ c:
LOL r u srs, r u fr now
welp, he told me that u wer tryna send noods to him and he was like she breathe she thot and u had gotten rly mad at him for it and started chasing him around idk lmao
Noufatile Report | 09/14/2018 4:03 am
Hi , how are you mai ?
I miss hanging out with you heart
DONDAKE Report | 09/12/2018 11:45 pm
heart heart heart
Happy Little Tree Report | 09/11/2018 2:40 pm
Happy Little Tree
don't worry about it !

--- game was lagging on me so i got out of it . idk if it's a browser problem or what but it was really bad
Krizi Hunny
Never Respawn
Succ Mike Hock

My bestie !! <3

My senpai ^^

My fav Idiot <3<3

beautiful friend ^

My gaia buddy <3 <3

An Angel <3 <3 !

Wifu <3

13 yrs old

lovely fam <3

mistress <3

ma crush

the Sweetest <3