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hyominnie Report | 11/29/2013 10:40 am
Woah, already 1 year? *o* did all go well there??
It does sound hard!! But it must be very cool o:

Weeeelll, alot has happened for me haha! Started highschool, graduated highschool, got a job, and now I'm saving up to study in South Korea ^^
hyominnie Report | 11/27/2013 2:56 am
Hahaha it's no problem!! And yeah, especially since it's been a few years I understand! :'3

But what've you been up to?! All done with the soldier stuff?? o.o
hyominnie Report | 11/26/2013 1:28 pm
Haha same question this time I see! x'DD (saw my old comments down below)
I used to be "Tomoni-Chan", "Rainbow C o r e", "Mr Olii", "Mr Orii" and "K e i i n" eheheh.

And I noticed if you scroll down on your comments, that I posted some links to art that you drew me :'3 so check that too if the names doesn't ring a bell!
hyominnie Report | 11/23/2013 5:06 pm
IRainbowPowderI Report | 12/13/2010 1:56 pm
hyominnie Report | 11/09/2010 10:52 am
      eeeh~that's scary T________T
      and 2 years is kinda long...well not if you compare it to your whole life though c:
hyominnie Report | 11/09/2010 10:35 am
      But isn't that just for guys? =OO or idek.
hyominnie Report | 11/09/2010 6:26 am
      A-army? o____o;;;

      but that does sound like a lot of stuff going on! *____*
      i can understand why you didn't have time with gaia.

      the only thing that's keeping me busy now is school and my newly found boyfriend heart
hyominnie Report | 11/09/2010 3:13 am
      That's a looooong time *w*
      I've been on and off and right now I'm not active lol.

      but what kept you so busy? =O
Sheepyy Report | 11/08/2010 2:20 pm
Thank you for the purchase.