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16. <---about to turn 17 on the 16th of January!

Lives in Canada.

An artist in my free time.
I usually do headshots (colored) for free so shoot me a PM if you wish. ^ u ^ I don't bite.
Full body (colored) avi art you have to bribe me man. And no clutttered unless you have pics of the items you're wearing in close up view. I like using detail so keep that in mind.
PS : feel free to get one of my (wanted / questing) items ;D
A sample of my art:
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Gender: female

I originally joined in '11 but got bored of my main account.

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Send labeled trade of 2% off the item, just PM me which one it is so I know.
To other vendors:
no one likes 1g undercutters, or even 1k undercutters. emotion_dealwithit


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By: me biggrin
true, true
I named it "mine, all mine" lol
This was a doodle razz
the other is mine too biggrin
I'm more into realistic art
never could do "anime" or wutever

Used to be wheizingly and -f- - -m- - -t- - -y-