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Birthday: 08/28

Occupation: Freelancer Illustrator

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♥ | Val || any pronoun || 20+yo || Aug 28th || Loud & Insomniac | ♥ ♥ | Freelancer & Student || Virgo || DID/MPD & Diabetes | ♥

Hello stranger~
The name's Val. I'm on my 20's and i love doing sketches!
English is not my first language.
Please excuse my misspells and other writing mistakes.
gaia_kittenstar Where to find me gaia_kittenstar
emotion_yatta Instagram emotion_yatta ---- emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart ---- emotion_c8 Twitter emotion_c8

gaia_angelleft Personal quote gaia_angelright
"One day i woke up feeling bored... Bored of being deppressed. So, I stopped.

gaia_crown Favorite quote gaia_crown
"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web."
― pablo picasso

yum_puddi who are you? yum_puddi
the name's valery. i am a mexican person, an student and freelance illustrator with problems like everyone else.

yum_puddi can we be friends? yum_puddi
yes of course! i am a friendy person, not a very chatty and i tend to be a little silent on conversations at first, but i try to be as sociable as i can.

yum_tea Trivia yum_tea
gaia_angelleft Almost never go out for other things that are not school/work related
gaia_angelleft Tends to space out a lot
gaia_angelleft Always anxious as ********
gaia_angelleft Nostalgic nerd
gaia_angelleft Swears a lot with friends
gaia_angelleft Day dreams a lot
gaia_angelleft Fangirls to fictional characters
gaia_angelleft "[Creeper from the shadows] level" fangirl
gaia_angelleft Has more than one crush on a fictional character
gaia_angelleft Overly emotional/Cries a s**t-ton-lot

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aww thx for noticing ^^
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thank you for purchasing (:
JoyRose Report | 08/11/2017 11:11 pm
Hi! Welcome to the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild. biggrin To help you start your exploration of the NSTG, please be sure to visit our official Welcome Thread, which will link you to some of the most important and exciting places in the NSTG. Also be sure to visit our Active Members Raffle it's free to enter, and every 20 posts you make in the guild will earn you one raffle ticket for an awesome prize. Thanks, and we can't wait to see you around the guild!


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