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Like You Need To Know What I'm wearing...


About Me

I'm Magarah. Call me Mag.
I got into manga and anime when I was a 12-year-old. Well, I'm 23 now. I like to draw, paint, and write my own action/fantasy manga/graphic novel. I want to be a videogame artist someday. I currently have a job illustrating a children's storybook, it's taken up most of my time but I am almost finished with it, Yippie~!!!

I like bands like Within Temptation, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, and The Pretty Reckless. I more often listen to Vocaloid composers such as Masa Works Design (18+), Pinnochio-P, Sele-P, Lamaze-P, Xenon-P, Izad, LIQ, Utsu-P, any Miku, Luka, IA, or Aoki Lapis Trance piece, and many more. Basically, in short, I have a very vast taste in music. XD

Oh, another thing. Keep your hands/paws/hooves/shoes/hair/tongue/tentacles/feet/fingers/feathers/toes/face/whatever appendage you use/germs/omgEW away from me biggrin

So... done reading now? Do you still wanna be my friend? LOL I'm a little crazy, but you can add me if you want. Just remember if you displease me, you're gone.

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RoseRainn Report | 12/29/2019 6:33 pm
Thanks for buying yum_puddi
yepoh Report | 07/03/2019 8:23 pm
hey! saw u were having hand surgery. we've been in touch on and off but i hope all goes well!!!! keep me updated even if it is a few weeks from now smile
Tiffy Kitten Report | 09/20/2018 1:44 pm
Tiffy Kitten
WorldsEndDancehall Report | 07/20/2018 10:32 pm
Hey there! I couldn't respond to your PM because of your privacy settings, but yes. :> I haven't followed Vocaloid in a long time but my u/n is defs taken from the song.
Wilma Willia Report | 05/25/2018 4:15 pm
Wilma Willia
Lol I love you, you dork. heart emotion_hug heart
star2000fire Report | 04/18/2018 4:49 pm
No it's not really my thing..mostly i RP and or listen to music watch movies and or play on avi sites or my games.
star2000fire Report | 04/18/2018 4:16 pm
Oh wow that's sucky..don't you jkust love when phone componies think they know what's best.. i keep trying to re connect my cell to a thing that gives me two hundred free minutes a month but they won't do it unless i get the 'new' cell phone of hte hour and i just don't feel like doign that ..
star2000fire Report | 04/17/2018 5:08 pm
I've had a pretty good day, and your avi is also very nice 'nods' how goes your day?
l rosie-posie l Report | 03/05/2018 11:42 pm
l rosie-posie l
Thanks for shopping! yum_puddi
Wilma Willia Report | 02/22/2018 1:00 pm
Wilma Willia
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug heart


Name: Magarah (Mag)

Age: 24 Years Young

Occupation: Manga/Graphic Novel Artist

Please follow me on Webpage Title
Thank you~! Have a nice day! ^-^


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My twin sis Beatrix. She hasn't been on here much and it makes me sad...

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