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I'm Maesho, as you already know. (Hey, that ryhymed.) I've been on Gaia awhile now, so I've gotten a little sick of constantly writing up new introductions. If you shoot me a PM, you'll be bound to get a better response than here, so I suggest you do that. For those to shy, here is a little info to get you started:

~I'm a gamer (X-box mainly) and love Mass Effect.
~I'm very spiritual and philosophical.
~I love tons of different music, with the exception of much of today's rap and pop.
~I love electronic music and nearly all forms of rock. (ala Daft Punk and Queen)
~That being said, I may love Chip-tunes the most. If you know what that is, you might possibly be my new lover.
~Monty Python is love.
~Jim Carrey is also love