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Gender: Female

Location: GMT+1

Birthday: 11/19/1986

Occupation: Student


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About me, Roleplaying, and Art commissions

Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile!
I'm a Master student of Neuroscience and Cognition, specializing in the neuroscience of memory and learning. I have many interests, ranging from art, history, and philosophy to natural sciences and astronomy. My hobbies include among many others; roleplaying, writing and drawing.

Roleplaying, likes and dislikes:
My primary reason for joining Gaia Online was the great amount of roleplaying opportunities. I am an experienced roleplayer and although I am not a native speaker, I do consider my English to be of a relatively high quality. I will therefore only take part in advanced, (semi)literate roleplays. If you share my roleplaying preferences and would like to roleplay with me, feel free to PM me.

-Likes: Medieval, Fantasy, Tavern RPs, Quest/Adventure RPs, Survival RPs, Colonization RPs, D&D (preferably Faerun), Elder Scrolls, SciFi, Space Westerns, Post-Apocalyptic.
-Dislikes: Canon characters, Mary Sues, Powergaming, Yaoi, Yuri, Anthro/Furry, Lycanthropes*, Vampires*, Demons/Devils*.

*Unless done in a non-cliché and non-godmoding way.

Art, commissions and prices:
I am permanently short on Gaia gold, so if my signature peaked your interest, feel free to sent a PM with your request. My prices are reasonable! If you are not completely convinced yet, you can find some of my other work on my deviantArt gallery.

-Character, chibi
Lineart/inks only = 5000 Gaia gold
Lineart and colour = 10.000 Gaia gold
-Character, portrait
Lineart/inks only = 5000 Gaia gold
Lineart and colour = 10.000 Gaia gold
My Style* = 10.000 Gaia gold
-Character, full body
Lineart/inks only = 15.000 Gaia gold
Lineart and colour = 20.000 Gaia gold
My Style* = 20.000 Gaia gold

*As seen in my signature, the middle drawing. Colour is optional.

When you sent your request, I will make a rough, try-out sketch first (free of charge) before starting on the actual drawing, so you may see if my skills match up to your wishes.

Elvish_Archerer - Full body, fully coloured avatar art fan character
Elvish_Archerer - Dragon Age: Origins fan character
Count_Zantara - Full body, fully coloured avatar art (2)
Chiasa Saitou - Full body, fully coloured gift avatar art
Chiasa Saitou - Full body, fully coloured avatar art

Dominion - The Vansin
The Ghost of Pirates Past - Count_Zantara (1)


Commission Rules:
1. I do not violate Gaia's Terms of Service, so requests with explicit nudity or sexual themes will not be accepted.
2. According the Requests and Commissions Rules and Guidelines, I will show you a watermarked version of your requests upon completion, after which you will start the trade with the required payment. When the trade is completed, I will sent you your commissioned piece without watermarks.
3. I generally do not accept items as payment, unless they are on my wishlist.
4. All rights to the commissioned art belong to you upon completion of the trade. Although you may do with the art what you wish, I do expect you to give me proper credit for my work.
5. Because all rights to the completed commissioned piece belong to you, I will not display the completed version without watermarks on my deviantArt gallery unless I have your permission. I will display a watermarked version of every completed piece here in my profile as an example for potential artshop customers, unless you strongly object to this.
6. When the Waiting List is closed, it is closed. There is no arguing about that. I have a life and I need my sleep.
7. When I've sent you the completed piece without watermarks, make sure you save it to your computer. Although I will keep a copy on my own computer, I will delete the version without watermarks from my Photobucket account after several days, and I will not re-upload it unless you've got a good reason (such as explosions and unexpected harddisk wipe-outs).


User Image

Character Sheet (a work in progress)

Name: Maeril (meh-ril) Tantarel (tan-TAH-rel), nicknamed 'Mae' (may).
Gender: Female.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Race: High Elf, sometimes also known as Gold Elf or Sun Elf.
Profession: Adventurer, Scholar of Natural History and Archaeology.

Age: Having only barely transcended from adolescence into adulthood to Elven standards at 118 years, she would appear to be in her early twenties to any human observer.
Eyes: The irises are a pale hazel colour, with some streaks and specks of darker brown and amber. The eyes themselves are perfectly almond-shaped and somewhat slanted in that the inner corners are positioned slightly lower than the outer corners.
Hair: The cascade of thick wavy locks that reaches to the small of the back seems a light chestnut colour, but would appear in bright light to consist of a mix of honey blond, mahogany and dark brown strands. It is often worn in a braid.
Skin: The skin has a naturally light brown complexion with a hint of bronze. To other races, including other races of Elves, it may seem as though the skin was tanned by the sun.
Height/Weight: 6’0” (183 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg).
Physique: Slender, like most Elves, but obviously accustomed to hard work and harsh conditions, resulting in relatively broad shoulders and hips, toned arms and legs, and calloused hands and feet.

Clothing/Armour: A tan pair of close-fitting tan woolen pants, a white linen loose-fitting blouse under a leather bustier, a pair of knee-high leather boots with thick and sturdy soles, a leather belt with a steel buckle, a pair of leather bracers covering most of the forearms, and a heavy leather hooded cloak.
Jewelry: A roughly cut piece of translucent greyish green quartz about the size of an eye, attached to a leather cord. The piece of quartz is enchanted, but Maeril lacks the skill to tap into its magical reserves. To her, the trinket is merely a reminder of her adoptive father, who crafted it and used to wear it himself until he had no further use for it.



Favourite colour(s): Various browns, reds and whites.
Favourite gemstone(s): Amber and Tiger’s Eye.
Favourite animal(s): Birds in general, but mostly owls and other birds of prey.
Favourite food(s): Stew of venison and mushrooms.
Favourite drink(s): Cider, mead, and sweet white wines.
Theme song(s): ‘Communion and the Oracle’ by Symphony X