Mad Migy 9
April: Take that hood off Maen!
Maen: What? NEVER!
Rikku: You would if you know whats good for you.
Maen Runs, but trips over a tree root falling into Migy
Migy: What ar you in a hurry for? Those girls chasing you again?
Maen: Yeah, you got to help me out.
Migy: Alright, heres what you do *whispers into his ear*
April and Rikku arrive
April and Rikku: Finally, we caugh you, now remove that hood!
Maen: Fine!
Maen takes the hood off revealing a cybornetic head and starts dancing the robot. Mr. Roboto is heard playing in the background. April and Rikku back away slowly before running off. Maen steps out from behind Migy
Maen: Thanks man, I owe you one.
Migy: Don't mention it.

Bring back---

Living together in one House

Rikku: Maen!
Maen looks around to see rikku
Maen: yes?
April comes up behind rikku
April: Why don't you take off your hood? we are out of set
Maen sighs
Maen: because
Rikku: because why?
Maen: because i am not going to
Rikku: Please take off your hood
April: YEAH! please!!
Maen: No
Rikku: Fine, then we'll just have to catch you, pin you to a wall with handcuffs and chains and all that
Maen: you wouldn't
April: sure we would!... wait we have that stuff?
April looks to Rikku
Rikku smirks evilishly

Rikku: oh yes we will
holds out some handcuffs, chains, rope, a whip, i mean other tiey up things.
Maen looks at it and gulps dashing out
Maen: no way!
April and rikku chase after him
Maen: NEVER!
Maen stops for a second
Maen: I ain't a whimp
Rikku and april still running
April: then take the hood off
Maen: Just give it a rest
Maen is about to run again but ends up getting tackled by Rikku and April
Both: Never!
Both tie him up and hand cuff him to the railing chains around him so he can't escape.
Rikku: now for the moment we've all been waiting for!
Ryu comes in
Ryu: the hell you two girls doing to him?
Maen looks at him and struggles mummbling some words
Maen: they are trying... to.. torture me
Ryu looks to the girls in disapointment
Ryu: you naughty girls, that isn't very nice
Ryu unties Maen and lets him go as he lectures the girls
Both girls are sad now that their prey has been let go.

Mad Migy 9
Mega Man is more entertaining after reading Bod and George

...oohhhh migy XDD

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Mad Migy 9

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Mad Migy 9

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