I am madison_fool but my name is not Madison.
I am a cat with almost no friends online or IRL. The only friend I have is someone who usually gets mad and yells at me. I am interested in making friends but have a hard time doing so as my communication skills is not very good and I am usually nervous IRL and find it hard to start conversations.

I am aspiring to be an artist but can never seem to pass art history courses, but I am working on improving my art.

I stay indoors almost all the time unless I have to go to class, gym, or shop for stuff.

I have an over tendency to buy art materials (I feel like I have an obsession over them) and collect games.

Things I like
Cats, Anime, manga, videogames, danganronpa, watching anime with someone, art, puzzle and brain games, Yuki Kajiura's music, intelligence (even if I can't keep up with people who are highly intelligent), yaoi, romance,

Things I hate:
I hate dogs, parties, smoking, drugs, and alcohol, super condescending attitude, too trolly personality, arguments, people who are easily mad, the colors: yellow, orange, and green.

Games I like:
Planet explorers, Professor Layton series, Ace Attorney series, Ar tonelico, danganronpa, radiata stories, touch detective, Sonic the hedgehog unleashed, don't starve, the sims 3 and 4, sandbox games, jrpg games, xenosaga series, harvest moon series, fire emblem awakening,

Characters I like:
Izaya Orihara, Walker Yumasaki (durarara), momo mizrahi (xenosaga), sanzo (saiyuki), takano masamune (sekaiichi hatsukoi),

Currently playing:
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Planet Explorers (steam),


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No, thank you for that wonderful comment!
Got that memorized? emotion_dealwithit
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oh hello =^w^=
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emi desu

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emi desu

Saw your thread ~ 4laugh What you can do is go on Tektek and put together and cute outfit you like and start saving towards it! Good luck deciding what to buy! emotion_kirakira

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Your profile is really cool! emotion_kirakira
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Beast of Ikebukuro

Thanks xD