Hello, my name is Donovin.

I despise 99.9% of the people I meet.

...Feel free to PM me, anyway.

I do not accept:
Friend requests
Guild invites
This About Me was last edited on 8-14-12.

A few of my likes are:
Mia Waskikowska
dark chocolate
pretty colors
most animals
trustworthy people
pointless arguments
decent grammar and spelling
all music
being content

A few things about me:
I'm really nice when I'm getting to know someone. But once I have known them for long enough, I become:
all around cruel.
The flip-side can also be true.
I love guro. Love it.
I am a necrophiliac.
I have changing opinions all the time. If you ask me something, then ask it again the next day, the answer will most likely change; unless it's not an opinion.
In more ways than one I'm a hypocrite.
Want an abortion? Your choice. Gays want to be married? Have fun with that. Fetishes? Yes please.
Ask me anything. Trust me, I'm an open book with tons of things.
That doesn't mean I will answer it pleasantly.
I live in the city of ____, in ____ state.
Yes, I live in Blanktown, Blank. Never heard of it? Oh, well.
I have a cat. Her name is Snoop. I wub her to beets (I love her to bits).
I can be extremely affectionate.
Sympathy is not my thing when it comes to anyone I dislike or don't know.
Humor is my favorite thing.