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I suppose i should update this for the new year, i'm bored out of my mind and have to stay up for 24 hours so i don't stay up all night for when school starts

My name is Aneesa and that's that
My nickname? People usually drop the A (uh) first part of my name and call me Neesa (knee-sa) and by close family and a few friends that are like family my nickname is nene.
Umm i like the colors teal, turquoise,and hot pink and live in my state which is California (Yeah i'm a california girl) born and raised here.
I'm basically a mutt but here goes
I'm Black, Mexican, Cuban, Indian (just a little), Canadian (so my dad says), and French
If you ask me what i am though i will basically state Black, Mexican, and Cuban instead of everything.
love music and roleplaying, PLEASE JOIN MY GUILD!! It's called Rps R' Us (Yes i got the idea from Toys R' Us) anyway despite that point i love roleplaying the most

I dislike...well i don't know what i dislike but pretty much control freaks
I am a cheerleader, no you can't see pics pervert
Um...Okay back to
favorites! If you are a stalker you know i've posted only that and a link to a video but this is the advance version
I hope you dance is my number one favorite
what hurts the most a close second
her name is Julie is a third
wow my favorite songs always make me cry >.< just realized that
I like mostly anything else except for heavy metal and some depressing country and yes i know what kind of genre my songs fall under don't judge mostly pop and hip hop

The hunger games is first
Harry Potter is a second
Alice in Wonderland is third
Cirque De Freak: the vampire's assistant is fourth by a inch so is the reason i added it
I love watching movies and will watch anything basically except for very chicky flicky movies and gorey movies

If tears can build a stairway and memories a lane i'll walk right up to heavan and bring you home again is my number 1
Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game is a second
You don't have to live forever you just have to live is a third
i basically like life quotes not much can be said after that

Don't hurt Laurie! is my number 1 favorite although the first time i had came across on it was on accident when i needed to do a report and randomly chose it because of the title and it thought it was interesting, made my cry hard
Breathe is a ghost story book which had also made me cry is second
The hunger games series clearly is third, i loved the movie but in some moments the book had been somewhat boring although i had finished it in a day because i had gotten in a bet with a rival of mine (Beat him badly, he was already halfway through the book when we started it but still lost, ha)
Mother, Help Me Live is also my fourth and since it is close to the third i decided to add it, this one made me start crying in the middle of class (awesome trying to explain right?)
Clearly you can tell two things although one is not true: i cry a lot while reading, this is not true, i hardly cry at all only if it is a book or a book turned into a movie (*cough cough* hunger games *cough* don't judge >.< long story) I also like sad books and they are usually what i prefer but i do love mystery and action, as well as manga

My favorite is Inyuasha i've watched it since i was little and i still adore it so it is first
Maid-Sama! Is the best and i love it o it is a close second
Skip beat is a third
This turned into just books and tv shows so yeah (The order is really tv show, book and tv show, book)

Favorite Authors:
this probably should've been after books as a follow up but screw it anime is important
My favorite is...So hard but it is Willo Davis Roberts (author of Don't Hurt Laurie!)
my second favorite is lurlene mcdaniel (Author of Mother help me live)
i honestly have no idea who my third favorite author is since i usually only like one book from one author but these two i love their books basically all of them

My Favorite youtubers and my top 3 videos from them
Okay i have a lot but here is the order
Bee318ti he is my number 1 favorite has always been he's always made me laugh
1. No AC just freaking funny as hell
2. Drug Test this is funny
3. I Hate Her!!!! so very funny
okay clearly i love his funny videos but i love his videos of advice
Shane Dawson is second I love his daily day videos and songs
1. Maybe this Christmas one of his songs sad and awesome
2. Super Luv also one of his songs adoreable
3. The Vacation Song awesome upbeat song i can relate to
i love his videos and like i said daily videos of his life
My third favorite is Pewdiepie, i don't really have a favorite video of his but playlists i do:
1. I love co-op with cry they are funny together (Do more videos Pewdie with him if you can!)
2. Slenderman, i get scared when i watch it though it's funny because he freaks out to
3. Shadow of the Colossus, i was so confused at the end though, please pm me so i can understand
well i haven't really seen a lot of his videos since a person had just told me about him but i love his ask kingsley videos

Dane Cook is number 1!
Gabriel Iglasias is second
Ralphie Freaking May is the third i love him

Tv Shows
The Walking Dead
and i don't really watch more tv anymore, just movies and youtube >.<

I can't think of anything else really but my views on certain things
GAY MARRIAGE f*ck all you sexist bastards i do believe gays should be able to marry, they are HUMANS and technically the bible doesn't really state any of it at ALL, people protest that he had made adam and eve and not adam and steve but seriously? Because they are holding hands or kissing YOU are going to be sent to hell? I'm not saying they are either but it is sickening how our society treats them. It sure hasn't stopped people from watching girl on girl and it hasn't stopped them before. Just because someone does something does not give you the right to assume it! Who ever said that YOU were the one to be right? God had made two sexes for COMPANIONSHIP and they had found thieir companions so leave it at that and let them marry, there would be less suicides over this if we actually learn to accept them for who they are and now who they like
End of the world rumors
okay, they are fun to make movies about but nothing to be taken serious, they've been wrong so many times before so what would make them right this time?

my opinon is swayed so easily by this, i think abortion is wrong but i am tolerated of it, i don't think like the idea of people having abortions but i can understand if the moment would be a bad situaration like if they are poor and the child would starve or you are in an abusive relationship or if you wouldn't be able to care for the child, honestly if you can afford to have a child but you're just being a whore than no, take responsibility but if you were raped or the child have a serious illness because you had been drinking or smoking while pregnant...I don't know really what i view on it i just know that if my mom believed in abortion than i would be gone right now because she was so scared i would be ill since she had been drinking and smoking when she was pregnant with me without knowing

i don't know if anyone had read this far but if they have i'll give you 15,000 gold but you would have to give a tiny summary of my likes and views just so i know you hadn't skimmed it

anyway bye!

Stalkers!! :O

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