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Umm...ok well Im 19 i got to chaffey community college in fontana california, Working towards computer engineering cuz well im a technical geek wink . I play basketball when i have time im the most trusting person your gonna meet and im black and japanese. yea Blacknese laugh i know you want too. Well that all for now ask me anything if your curious.


What a Travesty unfortunately my capacity to be caring went out the window
with my utter disgust for this world pfft guess i am somewhat emotionless.

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DisCo SoCKs Report | 12/17/2009 1:20 pm
DisCo SoCKs
Happy Birthday!!!
make-pretend cigarettes Report | 05/29/2009 9:31 pm
make-pretend cigarettes
devious culprit Report | 05/17/2009 1:34 am
devious culprit
well, you don't see animation like that anymore
it's the last of a dying breed
i wanna say it's called gothic, but i'm not sure
devious culprit Report | 05/17/2009 1:23 am
devious culprit
i know, i found the site
lol, she talks archaicly

a friend of mine had all the comics by the maker of the JTHM series, you know Squee, JTHM and something about Invader Zim, not sure if it was a comic or not, but he had dvd's
devious culprit Report | 05/17/2009 1:11 am
devious culprit
well, for one, JTHM is the s**t
and two, they seem to have made a mini comic or webcomic or whatever out of an awesome kids show

you have both in your sig
which = awesomeness
devious culprit Report | 05/17/2009 1:04 am
devious culprit
love the sig
make-pretend cigarettes Report | 05/04/2009 1:22 pm
make-pretend cigarettes
whats your AIM again? i forgot? x]
make-pretend cigarettes Report | 05/04/2009 1:18 pm
make-pretend cigarettes
i know X_X i have a$$ loads of homework from this other class thing rolleyes
make-pretend cigarettes Report | 05/04/2009 12:20 pm
make-pretend cigarettes
^.^ nothing much
make-pretend cigarettes Report | 05/03/2009 2:46 pm
make-pretend cigarettes
Katara Sonair
Madara Uchiha The Founder

Hey bro!!

Uchiha's Best!

My Bleach Character:

Name: Sasami Hiwatari
User Image
Gender: Female
Age: about 15
Date of birth:12/18/1993
Ethnicity: Japanese

Personality: Outgoing girl who may not look like a fighter but exceptionally good at it. She’s very intelligent for her age. She’s very relaxed and won’t engage in a fight seriously unless provoked or someone close to her is in danger of dieing. Sasami is always worried about friends and will protect them against anything thrown at them. Major crush on Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Background info: Sasami when younger around 7 always had a smile on her face. She had a mom, dad and a brother whom she looked up to. On a very menacing looking day while her and her brother were playing outside there was a strange feeling that came over the two. Now even though they couldn’t see it and didn’t know what they were sensing it was a hollow. This hollow had bypassed the shinigami protecting her little town on earth and headed to the first place where it sensed high spiritual pressure. Sasami had much spiritual pressure at this young age which allowed her to see the hollow in times of extreme stress. Of course she didnt see it when they were playing but when the hollow attacked killing the mother and father and taking her brother, she had been knocked out. When she awoke she had seen everything in a ruin and was scared outta of her mind. A couple of days later she was taken in by her aunt who lives in a sorta temple and has been there since. All the memories of that day have been suppressed due to her traumatized state that day.

Status: Shinigami(Deathgod)–sasami will become a shinigami during the story in the RP.

Zanpakuto(soul slayer): Sword name Tenzetsu(my meaning darkness dragon). The sword in its base form looks like a a regular katana (42in) just a few inches longer about 5. On the dull back side of the katana that part is black with a wave design. Although in the first stage the sword has an ability called Celestial Slash depending how much power you have depends on the power since Sasami is only just about attain the blade and attack it’ll only out put at 25% but still crazy powerful, the second attack she has in the base form is Sword of the darkness flame this attack turns the blade basically into a black fire which is around the blade making it very dangerous because the Dark flame can burn through anything. The second form of her blade like all swords is called shikai. This form the blade looks like a cleaver but near the top of the handle are somewhat like dragon horns and a crest that glows. In this form the blade is about Sasami’s size and is mostly black besides the sharp edge. The release command of this form is “ENGULF IN DARK FLAMES” RELEASE TENZETSU!! This form has 2 attacks Celestial barrage which is just the Celestial slash timed about 1,000 individual blasts and the Darkness flame slash which is the Darkness flames energy blast. Now the last stage BANKAI!!!! Sasami’s sword in bankai form looks like a regular katana but is much longer its about 3.5ft long. This blade has like a kinda cross symbol on the guard the blade looks mostly black but in the middle is a streak of silver and designs the black on both sides make is a fire and wave design. In bankai form Sasami has black wings of fire and a flaming tail which can act as a shield if need be. The attacks in this form are Darkness dragon wave which is basically the flaming dragon being launched at u its heat is soo great that it can disintegrate u if hit or will burn you for days on end if you are able to dodge. The second attack is Darkness wave barrage blast which is basically celestial barrage just in darkness flame energy blasts. The third is Darkness dragon sphere this attack will engulf the enemy in a sphere of Black flames and start to shrink ultimately grinding them down to nothing (other attacks TBA). Sasami also has a final form to the dragon sword in bankai for but it wont be revealed for a good long while sorry ppl I cant tell you. The swords name in bankai form is Tensa Tenzetsu meaning “Heavenly Darkness flame dragon”.
User Image

Strength: Sasami’s strengh in her shinigami form is insane her current output in strength at the most(no she doesnt look like a body builder) but that has to do with her family being strong she gets stronger everyday. But in the Shinigami for she has the power to be able to throw diesel trucks with ease. Her flash step is or shunpo can't be matched thus naming her the princess of flashstep. She also has the ability to use the Ryuugan...which has the most abilities of the sharingan as to see genjutsu or everytype of hypnosis...also has the ability to let her copy certain bakudo arts that deal with high level spiritual particles. Her eye technique allows her the ability to gain spritual energy like its attracted to her like a magnet and it gives her constant stamina. She can also read movements more quickly letting her move accordingly. This eye technique is hes ultimate weapon she can't be outlasted in a fight. (TBA for rest)!

User Image Bankai Form (but with the sword above)

There are many more secrets you all will find out soon but enjoy what little you know!!!