The name's madame-origami, I'm a senior in High school, and I love art.

Short message is short l3


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The Fool In The Valley

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The Fool In The Valley

I'm also divided between three characters:

-Italy, 'cause he's so... cute, probably is the best word
-Finland, I'm Finnish... =)
-Canada, he's rememberable....

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:3c Nyoro~n
The Fool In The Valley

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The Fool In The Valley

thank you =)

I'm a bit of a Beatle-fan, and George Harrison made some really good songs. For example "Here comes the sun", "Something" and I can't stop watching the video to "I got my mind set on you" razz

BTW, what is your favourite country in AP's Hetalia?


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."