All About Me

Hello! I am Ericka. I am twenty-four years old, and I enjoy talking and making friends. I am kind of a nerd. I have one older sister, four younger sisters, four younger brothers, and a nephew. I also have three step-sisters (one older, two younger) and two step-brothers (both older). I am in a relationship with the best guy ever. I love him so much. (Love you Cody!) I treat people the way I would want to be treated. Being a jerk to someone doesn't make you cool, it makes you look sad.

I love to read. I am just a nut about it. I read all the Harry Potter books, and I read Twilight. Personally, I think Harry Potter is way better, but I enjoyed the romance portion of Twilight. I love to watch Anime and I love to read Manga. I have seen a lot of different Anime's and I'm always looking for new ones to watch. As for Manga, I usually like romance.