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Birthday: 12/11

The Roses Thorn Is Telling You

Kiss my eyelids
And sew them shut
So when I may never see again
I will remember your touch
- MD

Helloooooo! So bored! AndI smell of cologne! XDD (I wonder why??) Well, anyways, I'm typing this because I felt my profile was bland before so I pimped it all out. Yay! No life! XP Just kidding! No, I've got a life full of turns and twists, but hey, that's motha f***ing life! It sucks sometimes, though! Izze Iz Cupid! lol I am! Ask anyone....Well, not anyone, but my friends.... Well, I doubt you'll ever meet them, but whatever! Well, Enjoy muh profile! Hugglez and Chocolates!!

How do I take the worst..
And make it the best??
How do I see...
The good in them??
How do I keep...
Your image in my mind??
How do I smile...
When I'm dead inside??
How can I see the light..
When the dark feels the best to me??
How do I ask...
These question of myself??
And how can I stop??
Even though, I don't want to!



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Contagious Symphonies Report | 12/11/2010 8:24 am
Contagious Symphonies
"Who are you...?"

Happy Birthday

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I am: One who is not replaced...

Omega Rai Report | 06/01/2010 5:48 pm
Omega Rai
whats up
Omega Rai Report | 06/01/2010 5:31 pm
Omega Rai
sonan_kool Report | 06/01/2010 5:05 pm
im a good boy
podoshle Report | 06/01/2010 5:05 pm
haha nm wbu?
podoshle Report | 06/01/2010 5:00 pm
hey there cutie! XDDD
sonan_kool Report | 06/01/2010 4:32 pm
xXDino_HomoXx Report | 05/23/2010 2:17 pm
haha! How could I forget study hall? I knwo about Jimmy and he's on his way over to my place. We're gunna chill're coming too. We're going to pick you up once Jimmy gets dun at his place. And samantha is texting me. She's sooo crazeee now, it's scary! lol! jk! Anyways, I love oyu and I'll see you later bestest buddie! :3 Reply!
xXDino_HomoXx Report | 05/23/2010 1:19 pm
hey lovey! Wow, so, I just called Jimmy and he didn't answer so, believe this or not, he's prolly sleepin'. Ahaha! Noramlly Jimmy, am I right? Btw, I love you! We should hang out at the mall with Samantha. She was tlaken to me, and I'm sure you heard, but she's going crazeeee! lol! Okay, I gtg! (Btw, that guy you were talken about, I saw his profile. I wanna talk to him, but i doubt he'd answer.) kk bye bye!
sonan_kool Report | 03/12/2010 3:22 pm
hey long time no see.
how u doin
Bouncer Ben


My favorite everything!

It's Something that you need to let go, but can't, because your minds too mean to let it go!

My favorite guy friend! Gotta love ya!