I'm Kelly. I'm from Miami ;
I'm a pretty weird kid.. . ;
I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead;
I love drawing and writing letters to my boyfriend :3 ; I love anything Nintendo...actually I love any video game, pretty much. ;p I also play Kingdom Hearts and Okami; call me a nerd<3 ;

Check it out~ M y D e v i a n t A r t

Things to know:
+I get angry easily
+I am 5 ft 6in
+I have natural blonde hair and green eyes
+I speak Spanish fluently, for the most part
+I love penguins, I am kinda obsessed with them
+I am very strange
+I love heavy metal, rock and screamo
+I am agnostic, meaning I do not have any religion at the moment
+I am very blunt
+I am loyal
+The only thing I care about is my boyfriend, he is my life
+I am the most faithful person
+I am in LOVE with Jerry<3
+I love Asian and Latin food <3
+Its kind of hard to get along with me, honestly
+I do bite
+I love roleplaying
+I love to draw and sew
+I prefer being in my room rather than going out with people
+I talk to my boyfriend pretty much 24/7
+I am NOT athletic, but I am very skinny (strange huh?)
+I love to cook and bake
+I am a loner
+I love to play videogames

Se habla espaƱol.
I'm faithful in a long distance relationship <3

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(once again Gaia didnt tell me you commented D smile but sorry i didn't come on fb @ 11. It's almost 1 am XD I got about....9,000 coins in the last ...47 minutes! ILU BOOTY GRAB! That thread I gave you is AH-MAZING. I'm un-susribing my other threads and just sticking to the Mafia one biggrin Life is gooood. Now have 27k, I will own everything on my wishlist one day X3

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Hey biggrin sorry stupid gaia never told me you commented back T___T Love your avi! And your profile, if I didn't say that already XD
I'm going to add you to the top of my list :3 I have to delete like almost all the people on my list cause I don't remember
any except...4 :3 LOL momo is scaring my older sister by sneaking up behind her and attacking her feet lmao X3

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KELLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Yayy!! Your unfrozenn :3 Awesome Awesome Awesome (totally hyper!)
Reading your dislikes : people who hate old people LMAO. Hehe, anways yay! Did your lappy come? And your internet
modem? TTYL biggrin DDD

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just felt like randomly commenting.....

thats wat i do!!!

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heyyy kelly!! wats up? we havent talked in a long time. i guess that we go to different schools now we probably wont talk. see ya(not literally)

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awwh ur profiley is kutee <33
i G r o o v e -

Report | 09/12/2008 6:07 pm

i G r o o v e -

Lucky Little Girl.. : )) And who asked Juu out!?!?! surprised ooo
i G r o o v e -

Report | 09/08/2008 4:38 pm

i G r o o v e -

Heyy Kelleh! I didnt do Ms. Geissel's stupid ugly Personal Brochure. Gah! User Image
Vocaloid Miriam

Report | 08/06/2008 4:15 pm

Vocaloid Miriam

Burn in hell, b***h. User Image

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idk >_< u were on my buddy list o.o


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