Introverted misanthrope that enjoys the occasional intelligent conversation.

Fan of the first through third generations of Pokemon.

Can be referred to as Suirin or Nobue

Occasional conversations with random strangers is enjoyed.
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Yes the doll is unfortunate looking, but I want the hair. emotion_kirakira


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Ethereal Darkness

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Ethereal Darkness

Busy like mad

Ethereal Darkness

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Ethereal Darkness


Ethereal Darkness

Report | 08/17/2012 2:51 am

Ethereal Darkness

Not much, been on and off XP

Ethereal Darkness

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Ethereal Darkness

What up

ll Unyielding Devotion ll

Report | 05/25/2012 11:23 pm

ll Unyielding Devotion ll

He said you are ignorant and if you try to speak to him again he will report you.

Oh and you all.are being deleted.

He told me to do.this.
ll Unyielding Devotion ll

Report | 05/24/2012 9:18 pm

ll Unyielding Devotion ll

Just so you and every other person on Umbras Fati's Friends list. He's engaged, to me.
Just to make it clear to you all.

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perhaps because when ETF was built , the old fans were Ronnie's fan and when the bands made the big change, like the genre of music they played, they don't really like it x3
but no , I'm not the only one ;D

and thank you so much, I really appreciate your words

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1. Lets see, I hate odd numbers. Numbers are dumb, in general.
2. I’m not a fan of being touched. I don't mind being touched. I accept random hugs all the time. :3
3. I like to make up random people and tell others about their random made up lives. I'd like to see one day where your random sampling of ideas is actually spot on with someone else's life, you dirty psychic.
4. I’m talented at several things, but not good enough at any of them to try to make a living off of it. Experience in everything is better than having all the experience in one thing.
5. Whenever I visit someplace new I like to look for squirrels and cats, because I believed that if there are none in that area, it wouldn’t be a very good place to live. Better stay out of North Korea, then.
6. I’m not a fan of vegetarians although I am one. Veghead.
7. I really want to visit Japan in July so I can participate in a Tanabata festival. I want to go to Japan in December. Have a couple of friends there, so I wouldn't be alone.
8. I think Oda Nobunaga is amazing, although I don’t know too much about him. I played as Oda Nobunaga on one of my video games when I was little. Except they gave him super powers and a magical sword that could cut men into two with a single slice. Shwing.
9. I cry a little every time I hear about someone near my age who commits suicide. Especially when its local.
10.I also cry a little every time I kill a bug. I kill them for sport.
How am I an enigma? I talk with you like you're one of my regulars, yet I know very little about you, it would seem.

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Their psychology department is pretty high up there. It'll be just the greatest thing if I can get into it.

By the way, you're quite the enigma. Tell me more about yourself. Random, yet necessary things. Yes?

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Central is okay. I go to Highline Community College and we have a branch from CWU there. I mostly want to transfer to UW, though. Husky power. =X Getting passed the weather makes you a good applicant for living in Washington. Haha. It gets extremely random and unpredictable at times, though. You've been forewarned.


No matter what it is,
All I've ever wanted was someone to keep me warm at night.
That way,
I can go through the whole day with that warmth.

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