I'm an evil little child who seeks out her next victim for the kill. [INSERT MANIACAL LAUGH] Ok so I'm not that mean, but if you piss me off *grins* you'll met my other personalities. Those of you that really know me well yay! and for those of you who don't but would like to feel free to pm or aim me. I dont mind chatting at all ^.^

So first of all, I'm a really awesome person if you get to know me. I'm a very perverted person and I'm not going to deny it. If you lie to me or hurt my friends, I will destroy you. I want the flat honest truth, if you hate me, tell me that.
I love to make new friends so get to know me a bit before you add me..and if you send a request, make sure you are actually literate and I can read it -_-
If you have anything you want to ask me or discuss, talk to me, I'll answer it. =]

I have no idea what else to put here..so until then xD


Age: 22
Birthday: September 29th
Relationship Status: Single
My Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Veterinary Technician

BTW: I like comments in my journal, so please read and tell me what you think ^ ^


Macross4's Journal

The Ninja Journal of Macross

Hiya i love talking on the computer. I'm always on when i can be. if im not on gaia try aim (im always on that too). If you want to be my friend send a request i always accept them. If you want to talk in pm's i suggest you pm me b/c i rarely pm any1



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Financial issues sweatdrop But I have it back now thankfully blaugh

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crying My phone was cut off Nee-chan...
Replay Alpha

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Replay Alpha

Hey OMG, where have you been?!!?!?!?!?!?

Hell how have you been?

Also because of my major repair on my computer I lost a great deal of info... Also I got a new phone pvt me to swap numbers cause I can't remember even my own....

and your IM did it change? I never see you on anymore!!!!! Miss you Angel!

xtreme surfer

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xtreme surfer

Hello heart
you is dearly missed x

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for the members of T3h Vending Guild

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Hello and thanks guys.

Love ya mini =]

Love you too Kate =]

Hello Lucy

Thank you fellow guild member.

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Im in your guild so just want to say get better soon 4laugh

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Lucy the lycan

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Lucy the lycan

hey girly
Mini Chew

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Mini Chew

Ohhh ok. I was like SAY WHAT?! WHO?! Haha :]
Sorry I stalk yous


PM if you want to talk
Questing: For Penguin Slippers =]
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