My name is Kelsi!! My nickname is Lucky...uhmm...its a long story why but my parents call me lucky!

I reside in Berlin Germany!

I am mostly friends with guys...just because there isnt as much drama with guys as there is with girls...i do have to admit though, i cause alot of drama!!!

Preps annoy me although most people think i am one...all i have to say to that is WHATEVER!!!! lol. i really dont care what other people think of me.

I love to hangout at the skatepark...that is where most of my friends and i hangout. it is by the beach so we go swimming...and then i watch them skateboard...and BTW rollerbladeing is for gay guys...no offense

If you think that i am too bold...im sorry but i am not gonna change for anyone...

If girls are feeling down because of a boy remember thiss:
The only time a guy should make you cry is when he makes you cry in a good way...if a guy makes you cry in a bad way...then he isnt worth your time.

I am willing to be friends with anyone...so if you wanna be friends...pm me!

I love you all!