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OMG, I just read your comment today... thanks for your birthday greeting! 3nodding Sorry I've been really busy these past few months and I only got 5 days for my sembreak crying Anyway I'll spend my break here in gaia.. hope to catch you here!!! biggrin

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LOL you fail at getting comments in. I'm gonna procrastinate on replying to your long long comment and will reply in a week C<

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You brought a smile to my face <3
/smothers with hugs
I couldn't decide whether or not I want to read the whole PM and reply to it all here. But I guess I'll get that comment over with first. xD

May. My summer started in June, bro. Why you so lucky :c
I have to go back to school in August. So not funny lol. This is not much different than a year-round school >~<
And you really like to strain your muscles. What's it all for btw? I've never asked lol.
You better lend me those books B(
Or I'll go and steal them from youuuuuuuu. I haven't bought any new book lately. I need moreeeeeeeee. Any good new titles that I should read, though?

Anyway. Math. Why did you have to be stuck with math? WRY? I mean. Math's cool and everything but having to wake up to go to ONE class is kinda hardcore. I wouldn't be able to do it.

And uh I think my cold went away. Idk. I GOT MY VOICE BACK. So yay.. I went to Nha Trang. I got a lot of Vitamin D. :U
We went to the mountain on one of those days lol. At first we decided to go with just us three girls (Did I tell you that I went with 2 other girls? Well I just did.) and the driver. Which seems to be not such a good idea afterall. Luckily, we recruited another guy (one of our old classmate who just got back from the states) to come with us. While the driver (yes yes we're abusing having him there) had to carry everything for us (while we climb..... and fall,) the guy friend had to clear the path for us LOL. It was kinda fun. Cooking by the spring was cool.

And lol. Explains the time when you sent me this comment. I went to bed at 11 and woke up at 4 on the trip. Now? 9pm to 9am... I don't think it's possible for me to go nocturnal :c
Watch out for your health, though. Or the health of your social life. C<

And well... we didn't. We chatted for a bit (Lol chatting with someone who's 5 blocks away seems kinda pointless doesn't it?) since she had to leave for Thailand in 2 hours time mainly, and another reason was because I was sickkkkkkkkkkk. I thought that I was laying in my deathbed. So no. I couldn't go out and party for 2 hours k. :C
But she's coming back in a week's time and we can do some hanging out then before she goes to her hometown.

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Lol what's taking up your time? ;P
You have summer classes? That sucks. You should have time off of school sometimes :c

I don't really have many plans. I just got back from my mini-vaca in Nha Trang but that's about it. I'm coming down with a cold, so.... Anyway.. My birthday's tomorrow 8D
So I'm excited for that. One of my gaia friends was like... 5 blocks away from me yesterday ;u;
She's in Thailand now, though, so I plan on hanging out with her in a week's time. I just have too much free time to be healthy. What about you? C:

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Yup! Still here.

Wait, so 4th year ka na? EMEGED CONGRATS OuO

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So what's new?

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Naw. It has no meaning then >C

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ffff you and your profiles xD
I guess it matches. I'll just call you Marlboro C<

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Why aren't you Orkie anymore, Marlboro >C




[i:86f7fa2258]“An inevitable public triumph of the
downtrodden is of necessity to a world of
ineffectual inhabitants, each one of whom is a
[b:86f7fa2258]monarch of dreams[/b:86f7fa2258]
incarcerated in a prison of flesh;
and each one of whom is distressed no less
by the indifference of nature to his plight,
than by the irrelevance of those
social orderings he casts
into existence...”[/i:86f7fa2258][/align:86f7fa2258]