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hey-howdy-hey all you gaiafags : D

my name is.......ya know whut? you can go on my main account profile to learn about me >:I
there's no way in hell im gonna write an entire other "about me" >:I

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so desperately bored right now ;3;

how about i try to write 100 personal facts about myself : D

1. my favorite food is Progresso Traditional New England Clam Chowder (a.k.a: cum soup)
2. i have two cats (Esther the Child Molester, and Jesus)
3. i like the taste of pepto bismal
4. my favorite colors are blue and yellow
5. i like guys with long hair O:
6. i have a sh*tty immune system D:
7. my favorite subject is biology
8. i aspire to be an OB/GYN
9. i want to go to CSU after i graduate
10. i have an older brother
11. and two step brothers
12. and a half sister
13. i am a freshman in high school
14. i hate weaboos
15. i placed 2nd in the 5th grade spelling bee
16. and 1st in the 7th grade geography bee
17. i have an obsession with Rock of Love II with Brett Michaels D:
18. i have had suicidal thoughts before
19. my therapist's name is Dr. Sacks xD
20. bipolar runs in my family (and i think i may have it)
21. my dad is a pious douchebag
22. my mom has MS
23. i used to be afraid of tampons
24. im engaged to nerm's 12-year-old brother
25. i am jew-brown
26. i act racist but am very tolerant actually
27. i am strait
28. i have a vagina
29. i like to think i can sing D:
30. Jesus is pissing me off
31. my foot's asleep
32. i have a stomach virus ;3;
33. i had the same GPA as my crush last semester O:
34. my crush isn't Brad
35. or Ryan
36. or Shane >:I
37. im always giving people the wrong idea ;3;
38. i hate my shoulders
39. i also hate my eyes
40. i have 20/20 vision
41. im always hungry D:
42. im afraid of the scale reaching 130
43. i have small boobs D':
44. my hair is curly (so...i guess the carpet matches the drapes)
45. i hate "The Hills" (so boring D: )
46. i have the same birthday of an infamous anime character >>
47. and the same birthday as Brett Favre
48. i have no artistic skill
49. my fish is better than your fish
50. im halfway done :3
51. i am obsessive
52. and crazy D:
53. i have a step mom
54. my dad is a retard
55. i hate the word "belly-button" >.<
56. i love the word "cunnilingus"
57. my feet are never at a comfortable temperature
58. im most commonly asked "can you make that face again"
59. i like copy machines more than you do.
60. my science notebook is purple
61. i am a douchebag
62. i love complaining
63. my back hurts
64. i have always wanted to be friends with a black person
65. my parents used to call me and my brother "eem and erm" when they were married
66. they got divorced when i was 4
67. my family only eats at the table 3 times a year
68. i am atheist
69. i love this number
70. i dont know when to keep my mouth shut
71. i hate new york city
72. i hope New York and Tailor Made stay together :3
73. i watch too much reality tv
74. i have no idea how "deal or no deal" is played
75. i still watch Arthur every day
76. and i still play Pokemon D:
77. i feel stupid if i laugh after i make someone laugh
78. my crush never gets my sexual jokes >:U
79. i love bananas
80. and hate apples
81. je parle francais...kinda
82. i have Slovenian and Panamanian ancestry
83. im not mexican
84. but people think i am >:I
85. i hate this website D:
86. ive stepped on a hornet nest before ;3;
87. ive never left the US
88. im fresh, never frozen
89. i didn't take that from a Burger King commercial >>
90. im running out of ideas
91. i commend you if you really read all this D:
92. my favorite band is Thin Lizzy D:
93. im always cold
94. im a terrible cook
95. i havent been to school in a week
96. i like to procrastinate
97. have a new found respect for Masashi Kishimoto
98. i wish i had a wii
99. i hate whooping cough
100. im finally done :"D


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ladylexington Report | 07/23/2008 7:02 am
lolz~ x3
x___Broken Animal Cracker Report | 07/03/2008 6:58 pm
x___Broken Animal Cracker
Haha I've must of been bored..
x___Broken Animal Cracker Report | 06/20/2008 3:42 pm
x___Broken Animal Cracker
wow i read all does 100 things.
Pyochii Report | 04/26/2008 10:18 am
lol xD so.......... how many are there? xD
Pyochii Report | 04/12/2008 4:28 pm
figured User Image

and my pregant llamas are gonna make u pay for child support D:<
i-dont-login-go-away Report | 04/12/2008 12:34 pm
Haha, you're a ho.
eye_of_water Report | 04/12/2008 2:03 am
Aha, I see XD

I love this account ^^' I use it for...2 years User Image
eye_of_water Report | 04/11/2008 10:01 pm
O-0 You got suspended or something? ;..; Nu. That's not fair.

Ah, you're a guy too nao >B
Pyochii Report | 04/11/2008 2:51 pm
ehh? Dx

my brain isn't functuning (not that it ever is.. > > wink mind telling me who you are and what have u done to my llama? D:
nerm Report | 03/26/2008 4:03 pm
you got some pretty poppin lip gloss right there ;D


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