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The Order(tell me what you think)

The night was cold much colder then Obediah Roth thought the lower planes could ever be. He sat up in his tent thinking to him-self wondering what had happened in the past couple of days. He had been sent from the Isles on a mission to slay a rouge witch. It had turned out the witch wasn’t alone she was with another of his Order .Gabriel Celeste, a well acclaimed High Priest, known for his efforts in the eradication of the rebellion that tried a coupe on the royal palace. Roth saw a friend, a hero....playing with a witch child. Roth tried to take the child and fulfill his orders but Gabriel wasn’t going to allow him to kill an “innocent”(as Gabriel called it) . Gabriel was going to protect this child even if it meant his own death. Roth compelled with his orders fought his friend, but before their fight could end it was interrupted by a Black/Blue Dragoon which aimed at the girl. Gabriel knocked Roth out of the way and took the full blast of the attack ,but not before he told Roth to take the girl away from here and to take her some where safe before he took on the dragoon while he was still injured from the initial blast. Roth followed his brethren’s orders and got out of the building that they were in but not without taking on injures of his own. He passed out from his injures. Waking up to see an Elf woman sewing his armor together and the witch child was sitting on her lap. The elf asked what had transpired and he told her. She was taken aback when she heard about the dragoon and asked him if he would mind if he would tag along with her so she could have proof of what he said. When they meet up with the informant that she had arranged the meeting with to get proof of what Roth had seen they got just that the proof they needed and the informant had told Roth that he must come with them to present this “proof” to their boss. He reluctantly went with them to the Grand Council of Dibia and presented the “proof” that they had obtained from Roth. He was then quickly put on a team to track down this Dragoon. This leaves him where he is now thinking and trying to sleep.
“Odd” came a voice outside of the campfire ‘isn’t it, a warrior of light covered in such a dark color“
Roth’s hands felt wet and sticky. They were covered in blood and at his feet his brethren lie dead . He looked up fast to see the man had stepped forward still covered in shadows , but as this ‘man’ was stepping into the light the shadows started to peel and rip at his flesh. Obediah was in shock as the man was left in nothing butt bone and armor, which the shadows had replaced his flesh with. Obediah tried to shake off this feeling of dread and went for his sword but all he came back with was air. His sword was gone. He was now even more scared then he was before. Terror was all he could see, all he could feel. He tasted his own heart in his throat as he tried to fight it, as he tried to tell this thing that he was not afraid but only a sigh of fear came out of his mouth. “What is it you fear?” continued the man now turned skeleton “is it the death off your friends” he pointed at the encampment and the people that he was traveling with “or is it that you have no idea what you’ve got you’re self into” he was stepping closer with every word . Obediah tried to move but found that his limbs wouldn’t listen to him they just stayed were they were ,move damit, he thought ,I need to defend myself...why am I so afraid, but with these last thoughts the man was upon him “ I know what it is that gives you nightmares” What is this thing “I Know what it is that makes your judgment wavier” is he a daemon? “I know what it is that makes your heart quiver”. Obediah stared into the mans eyes. They were a bright yellow orbs , all he could feel from them was hate, fear, pyre evil . “It’s ME!!” the skeleton said as he drove Obediahs’ sword through his neck.
Obediah woke up covered in sweat screaming “NO!!!” as he sat up in his bed he surveyed the camp and saw that he had woken everyone. It was nothing but a nightmare, but he soon felt faint .He reached for his neck and felt something leaving his hand from his neck to his face he saw blood covered his hand. The group rushed up from there beds in the forest they had decided to take rest for the night and to him.

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