Hi I'm Maddy and I fight monsters!

I don't fight monsters, actually. I lie. Like a rug.

I'm Maddy or Madeleine or Madereine (mad-er-rin) but mainly just Maddy. I am a High School aged female, I have a boyfriend with very blonde hair, and I really like drawing. (check my DA.)

I also like bagels, cold coffee, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Soul Eater, video games, owls, and trampolines.

I do not like vomit, slugs, vegetables (with the exception of potatoes), the color orange, English Class, and sports.

These people are my friends: jeanswithholes, C A N N A B L I Z E, Teamelric1441, charlattelovesyou13, and akeala1089.

AWESOME BUTTON (click for something awesome.)

Sooo yeah. There's lots more stuff but as you can probably tell, I'm pretty lazy.

Why am I still writing this? I'm leaving.