Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigaaaaawsh. 8D

Hi. I'm one of Cyan Azzura Ri's many mules. Her newest one, more specifically. I'm based on one of the many characters that is stuck in her head, Jonathan Dunham. He has a best friend named Brian Millhouse, but I don't think I want to make him because who knows how many mules I'd have then? Hory clap. That'd be scary. Wow. Haha.

So... more information about me. I already have some of this information on Cyan, but who cares?

I'z 18.
I'm a writer, and am working on a book right now.
My mom's a librarian, so I had no chance to not like writing and books.
I like brown, white, black, blue, and red. Yes, they tie.
I like pretty much any music. Even some rap and hip-hop - they have their moments.
I prefer older movies and music, and know more about them.
I live in WA.
I play the piano, and can sing. Not that great at either, but other people think I am. >.>
I am a gamer, but mostly only if the game makes you think or has a good plot or both - a.k.a., RPGs like Final Fantasy, Wild ARMs, Dark Cloud, Star Ocean, etc..
I love names. I own two baby name books, and have both behindthename.com websites bookmarked.
I am a [insert gender here]. If you don't know, can you guess? ;D
I like guys.
I am so shy it hurts.
Coffee is <3.
RANDOM FACT: My favorite character I have ever created is Kieran Gai. I have a muley of him, too.
My room is heliotrope - not purple, not gray. HELIOTROPE.
Haha, you're getting confused by all these funfacts, aren't you?
I am a cannibal salad. Don't ask.
I like the smell of vanilla, but not the flavor of the ice cream. Odd, no? I like the flavor of the yogurt, though.
I really need to stop working on this and get back to writing.
Dr. Pepper is love.
Hitokiri Red Rose and Shawana_Chou are my cousins/best friends in real life.
Embaby/S33P_D0GGii3_43V3R is my non-related best friend in real life.
I really need to stop typing this thing up now.
Oh yeah, I like Asian dramas, Japanese manga, and Japanese anime too. =D
The end.





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In here, I put whatever I'm thinking about at the moment, what my life's been like lately, etc.


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Matt Wants Mello


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I hope you had a great birthday!!!! <3333

You're the coolest. User Image
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Shizu Eri VI


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Dude, awesome avi!

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He did the mash
He did the monster mash
The monster mash
It was a graveyard smash
He did the mash
It caught on in a flash
He did the mash
He did the monster mash!