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Report | 02/19/2008 2:47 pm


so......I hear you like mudkips?

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Report | 02/18/2008 7:27 pm

Enma Aiko

oh, you live in Australia? nice! i've always wanted to visit there after college.

obama and 4chan... XD LOL that's an interesting combination, indeed o.0;

§hit. i haven't been on 4chan since 8th grade >>;;; hahaha.
Im gay for Sasuke's avatar

Report | 02/18/2008 10:03 am

Im gay for Sasuke


I haven't played it yet either.

It's so expensive.


Yeah, I've heard of those people.

They lose their job and what-not because they can't stop playing.



I'm sure it would be fine.

No video game can be that fun.
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Report | 02/18/2008 2:05 am


I rather like your sig.

made me laugh major.
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Report | 02/18/2008 12:51 am

Taran Renard

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Report | 02/17/2008 2:19 pm

Enma Aiko

my father is a republican (and racist), and i'm an independant. however... lately i've been supporting Obama. i'll be damned and move to canada if Hilary ever became our prez <<;;; we got into a fight because i voiced my support about Obama. and i do admit... i love to challenge my father just to make him open his mind and heart about people and what others believe and think. but now i'm starting to think that my old man will never have a change of heart about ANYTHING. then somehow the fight turn towards religion and... i'm not going into that, i'll start throwing a fit >>;;;;; lol.

personally, I blame CNN. just because it started it all XD

sorry >>;;; i feel like i was ranting ^^;
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Report | 02/17/2008 10:06 am


I actually got it from tektek. That site has some pretty cute profiles if you're willing to look. Lol. Most of them are sort of cheesy anime ones, but... haha.
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Report | 02/17/2008 10:05 am

hurdy gurdy


You're profile is cool.

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I really love your sig!
Im gay for Sasuke's avatar

Report | 02/17/2008 9:03 am

Im gay for Sasuke

I know.


I realize that I say this all the time, but I mean it.

They need to release the MMO.

People are getting bored and leaving.


Have you noticed how few of the un-nooobish Gaians get on?

They're all finding something better to do.

I've been considering WoW, myself.

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Report | 02/16/2008 6:29 pm


Lol. You get two sammiches for having an adorable avi! <3 P.S. I like my profile... but I didn't make it. Lol. I wish I did... then I wouldn't feel so bad when people tell me they like it!
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Report | 02/16/2008 6:21 pm

Enma Aiko

oh, wow. i wouldn't have expected that it would be the most pain free of all those piercings. i've always wanted to get those bars that went across the cartilage. but... i never had the nerve to XD

and yes! that prediction was very true for today. i had to confront my parents about my views on politics and religion. two things that you don't want to agrue about with another person in general, since those topics hold very intense emotions and beliefs in people.

hehe, thanks for sending it to me, it amused me very much XD
Im gay for Sasuke's avatar

Report | 02/16/2008 5:44 pm

Im gay for Sasuke


I know how that goes.


Gaia has been so boring lately.

I think they need to try something new, too.
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Report | 02/16/2008 5:30 pm


Great signature xD
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Report | 02/16/2008 8:31 am

Enma Aiko

nice <3 what was it like to get your tongue done? i would find that very uncomfortable.

oh, you're a dragon? that's so kool X3 I'm a cancer and a snake.
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Report | 02/15/2008 4:26 pm

K i r a-Raito Yagami-Kami

It's okay. I liked it.
Enma Aiko's avatar

Report | 02/15/2008 4:05 pm

Enma Aiko

whoa, i like the new avi XD

i want to get a tatto on my back that continues to my chest. but because of my fear of needles... that's not gonna happen >>;;;

wut kind of tattos do you have and how many piercings? the only piercings i ever got was on my ears... but they closed up. twice 0.o;
Im gay for Sasuke's avatar

Report | 02/15/2008 2:16 pm

Im gay for Sasuke

Ah, it's okay.


I like your new avi.

Nate Rivers aka Near's avatar

Report | 02/15/2008 1:30 pm

Nate Rivers aka Near

Thank you... 0_0;
Im gay for Sasuke's avatar

Report | 02/14/2008 6:20 pm

Im gay for Sasuke


Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

Thanks for the picture...

K i r a-Raito Yagami-Kami's avatar

Report | 02/14/2008 3:13 pm

K i r a-Raito Yagami-Kami

Hehe. Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.
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