Hey guys, I'm Lynsia. You can call me Lyn or Dee. I don't mind.
My age is not that important.
I RP, PM me sometime.
Otherwise, I'm nice. I've been on Gaia for quite some time.


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Holy crap Rosie, I've been well
how about you?

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Gorsh o:
Ix Angry Birds xI

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Ix Angry Birds xI

Ix Angry Birds xI

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Ix Angry Birds xI

QUACK GOES THE WEASEL! .... wait.....thats not right
Murder in Makeup

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Murder in Makeup

Hey! Everything's been going ok, rather pissed at my physics teacher at the moment.
and you?

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Your avi is looking totally freakadelic! You're spooky fierce!
Murder in Makeup

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Murder in Makeup

I know a few people who are in the same situation, and I totally respect them. The ones that actually disobey their parents and sneak around, I have no respect for whatsoever. It's really pointless, since parents always find out in the end.
Haha, thanks. The photos don't do him justice, though... his genuine smile is amazing... it's just insanely hard to get a candid picture of him.
What can I say, a drumline member in uniform...
One of my friends lost her virginity in a relationship that lasted 5 months.... my other friend went to "third" in a relationship that's lasting 3 months. Mike and I have been dating for 10 months, and we're taking it so insanely slow... it's nice. Behind everything, we're best friends. There isn't anything about me that he doesn't know and vice versa.

OMG. Girl, you're stunning! Honestly, you could model so easily!!

Thanks... and I'm hoping that she is. She teaches flute at college level, so I won't doubt her ability, that's for sure.
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Murder in Makeup

Sometimes that works out for the better, though! After all, your parents have a better judgement on people than others do.
I'm really lucky - both my parents love my boyfriend and his entire family loves me.
It just kinda worked out... we actually both met last fall through marching band, been together since October 13th :3
so, it's been nearly a year now.
And I've finally got him to actually take pictures whenever we go places: During the band's trip to Washington DC

Still, that's amazing! My flute instructor is leaving soon to go back to school... so I have to get a new one.
it actually really sucks, because I feel like I have a close bond with my teacher.
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Murder in Makeup

It doesn't help that my boyfriend is a year younger than I am
so when I look at him, I feel kinda old xp

I admire those who can play the piano; it's something I'd never be able to do
and flute is a lot easier than it seems once you're able to get a good sound out of it
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Murder in Makeup

I feel really weird, thinking that in 2 years I'll be in college... that high school is halfway over for me now.

And I learned how to play the flute biggrin
I've been taking lessons since March


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