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Holiday Gift Giving

I appreciate all gifts!

My wish list is for pricey or rare items, so here are some basic ideas for any gift, should you want to send one:

Red/Crimson & Black
Monochrome/ B&W
Wolves and/or Dragons
Demonic or Angelic
Dolls! I love dolls
Wings, Halos, Horns, Tails
Male items preferred

Or anything fun. I can make use of just about anything!


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Queentintin Report | 02/08/2018 6:05 am
Nah, just in your mind, well maybe not, I know how you feel, me too almost 50 you know, I'm starting to let my hair grow silver!=) and just part of the course right, and I really miss doing Karate! can hardly wait till summer , even spring time xd and good for you for trying to be more fit! *hugs*
Queentintin Report | 02/08/2018 5:56 am
Thanks for coming back , think we all missed you quite a bit my friend *big hugs* and no I'm not sick and with a cold! *just got over one*! heart
Queentintin Report | 02/08/2018 5:53 am
I've been good, it's still darn winter lol waiting on Spring, chickens still alive and kicking! =) seems very long our winter! lol I know, I know, so you're doing good! what sort of projects? how's your health? =)
Queentintin Report | 02/02/2018 6:53 pm
hello? bonjour? where are you? oo. oo ooo oo! miss ya! *hugs*
tilasexcattCR Report | 01/04/2018 11:22 am
WoW, The whole set! Nice!
Donna Cecilia Report | 01/04/2018 10:54 am
Donna Cecilia
Thanks. heart I created it for the current Spirit Week theme.
Donna Cecilia Report | 01/03/2018 5:52 am
Donna Cecilia
Hi! Great avatar.

Looks much better than the Gatcha Announcement.
angelic snow angel Report | 12/19/2017 4:48 am
angelic snow angel
Just dropping by to say "hi"
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 12/06/2017 10:58 am
Daffodil the Destroyer
Yeah, BetterGaia has been pretty much abandoned at this point. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Buuut, GaiaUpgrade has its own browser extension now that I find a little more useful, actually. Though I don't like the interface as much, it does more stuff!

I don't really do big holiday plans anymore since I have to work on most holidays, but I've been enjoying the season so far. Last weekend I played a burlesque show with my friends, which I always enjoy. We don't dance, but we sing funny songs and wear fun costumes. whee One of our Christmas parodies was really funny; I actually kinda want to record that one.

User Image
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 12/04/2017 3:38 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
Noticed yer comment on Queenie's profile about having to change your avi with IE. Blech! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Have you tried Firefox? The new Firefox Quantum or whatever they're calling it is a lot faster than the old version, and dressup works fine if you just tell it to let Gaia run flash. 3nodding

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