The Joker

Hai I am Jewel Lence Cresent .
just call me The Joker! >:3
I am 14 going on 15 in May 28th
I am a blonde
I have baby blue eyes oWo
I am 5'6 tall <3
Did I mention I have a dog o; He is an American Bulldog owo
I love you all :3 (mentioned once >3< wink
Oh did I mention I am a girl??? >3<
My picture:
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I am in a relationship now with Britnei Crystal Hilton
I love all my friends
I love anime and manga
I am very outgoing.
I love the color black >:3
I love to RP >.<
KITTYS oOo ( my old cat Bella RIP Bella v.v)
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I like milk and cookies
I love YOU ALL >3<
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