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"Darling?" The Dosha whispered to her sleeping roommate. But it seemed that Darling Sayer was fast asleep. Dosha Ann Pain sighed and gently shook the girl awake.

Darling and Dosha had met after being being assigned as roommates earlier in the year, and had hit it off after finding out ther were both majoring in professional journalism. Glancing about the room, Dosha's eyes fell on Darling's side. The bed covers were black with deep red shadow butterflies, and the walls also contained wallscrolls of shadow butterflies. Darling groaned and Dosha relized that her friend was waking up.

"Hey gurl," Dosha crooned as Darling stiffly brushed her wavy dark red hair out of her blue eyes and blinked. "You wanna explain to me why you gave up your comfey butterfly bed for the desk?"

Darling blinked again, then yawned, partly covering her open mouth with her hand. "I was reading my book," she waved her hand at' Interview with the Vampire'. "And I didn't think I'd fall asleep if I read at the desk."

Dosha stiffled a giggle, and Darling smirked. "Yea, I know, didn't work out like I expected, huh?" She got up from the desk, and promptly ploped onto her bed. She groaned as Dosha droped down next to her and began to braid Darling's hair.
"So, my little blondie, blue eyed Doe," calling Dosha by her nickname. "How did your date with the editor go?"


'Daily at this time, we shall speak to you about America and the war. The news may be good or bad. We shall tell you the truth.' [/color:764636fcdd] -Voice of America, Febuary 24, 1942[/b:764636fcdd]

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