I'm like a broken Xbox. I don't play no games.

I'm an all around good guy. I'm nice to people who deserve it. like a sum bo de

My friends are like my family. You mess with them, you mess with me too.

I'm a gamer, not just one system, all kinds.

Games I play:
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- Halo 3
- Super Street Fighter IV
- World of Warcraft
- Rock Band
- Guitar Hero
- Marvel v. Capcom 2
- Monday Night Combat

I love sports.
- Football
- Volleyball
- Basketball
- Soccer

TV is great.

Series I adore:
- Dexter
- House M.D.
- Weeds
- Law and Order: SVU

Music is something I plan to keep in my life.
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Mathieu Chedid
- Barry White
- Michael Jackson
- Wiz Khalifa
- Rick Astley
- Linkin Park
- Jay-Z
- Kanye West
- Hollywood Undead
- Eminem
- 50 Tyson

Get to know me, I really am a great guy.


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Lustful's Mind

You'll basically be seeing what's in my mind whenever I feel it's worth writing down.


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Since I don't know how to change my s**t anymore, I'm bored. So I'll be updating my things via my comment box.
Sexual Harassment Pandah

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Sexual Harassment Pandah

Don't deny our manly love bro! O 3 O
Kissy kissy.
Sexual Harassment Pandah

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Sexual Harassment Pandah

My loser, I love you. <3