I am a music kid, so music is mostly my life. I listen, I sing, and I play even though I've only played for a few years. Aside from music and the occasional game here and there I'm more into philosophy and psychology, and I crack open the occasional sociology book from time to time. I may not agree with the ideals and concepts I read about, but they're interesting to read about all the same.

My major is psychology believe it or not and I plan to go into my own practice at some point in time. When people become psychologists, they usually do it to help people. However I picked the profession because it's a growing field of study with interesting concepts. That and depending on your field it pays well. So for the most part, helping people wasn't really part of my decision.

I enjoy a good intellectual conversation, and will always be up for a good debate. Even if I lose, I'm just happy to know that there are others out there who I can lose to. The young minds of today just seem to grow evermore corrupted, and the intellectual state of thinking is being left up to stiff elitists in their upper forties these days. I'm hoping people realize that age doesn't dictate intelligence.

I scare off a lot more people than I befriend but that doesn't bother me at all. Human beings fear what they can't comprehend, and often that happens to be whatever may be spewing forth from my mouth. But that's enough about me I suppose.