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I don't returned mispriced items. There's a confirmation screen and a warning for a reason, and if your item was that valuable to you, maybe you should have actually paid attention.

*Also, the Murloc creature thats usually on my avatar is called a Baby Murlop on gaia. It was the grand prize from the Gee Boi Turbo. Yes, he is awesome. No, he is not for sale.*

About Me

*wave* Welcome to my profile. I'm sure I'll finish it someday. My name is Lunel, or Lunie as some call me.
You want to know about me? >.> stalker...
I'm 23 years old
I can't cook.
My favorite food is a Reuben
I have a Cat named Akama
I play World of Warcraft. (Horde, on Kargath. Javajava and Chaiyen, look me up!)
I read. Alot.
I am Christian.
Aaannnd...uh...I collect hotel room keys?

Wanna know more? Feel free to pm or post stalk me. But I don't respond to beggars. kk?


Me as a Gaian

I originally joined Gaia in September of 2003. This account was originally just for rp, but eventually became my main.
Although it may not always seem like it, This site is incredibly dear to me. Silly as it may sound, I would love to be a mod or a staff member someday, though my temper might prevent that ^^; hehe.
You can usually find me lurking the exchange or breedables forum, and I love to buy things off the marketplace too. I'm an avid roleplayer as well, though I'm very picky, and there's not currently an rp I'm active in.
I also lost 30 million due to chickies being rereleased and am currently working to earn it back.

Quote Wall of Fame

"Outside? what realm is that?"
"I think its an rp server."
"Its a realm for only the toughest of players"
"Can you bubble hearth outside?"
"It requires attunement to the sun"

random person in trade: "Would you sleep with Oprah for a set of t6?"
t6 rogue: "I didn't have to sleep with anyone."
other random person in trade: "Thats your problem. You didn't sleep with anyone."

random person in trade: "Id sleep with anyone for warglaives"
other random person in trade: "Wait till you hear who he slept with"

"Hun, there's only one thing I could wake him up to do and WoW ain't it."

I am an evil giraffe, and I shall eat more leaves from this tree then perhaps I should, so that other giraffes may die.

random person asking me to heal: we have no tank so pet will tank ok?
me: no.
tard: it will be fine if one healer u heals pet
me: no.
tard: ok

"Fights are a race against the stupidest person in your raids time he can go without screwing up."

"I just don't see how you can't be a p***k when you are a rogue.
Our sole purpose other than having absolutely zero raiding utility is to just make everyone else's experience in this game miserable."

"wow bfs are the best bfs...due to their lack of female contact they have grown to be quite resistant to female charms...only coming out in the daytime to feed and forage for hotpockets"

"Mozer, quit making out with the frog"

My friend; "Since when does Anna dress like a girl and wear makeup?"
My mom; "Probably since she got laid."

Arthas: "Lawl I could kill you Illidan but Ima leave you to freeze lololololol"
Illidan: "Lawl felblood, keepz me warm."

"My first girlfriend turned into the moon"
"Thats rough buddy."

dinosauranorexia (4:19:28 PM): that doll sold, huh?
LunieLunel (4:19:31 PM): ya
dinosauranorexia (4:19:35 PM): ********.
LunieLunel (4:19:38 PM): biggrin
dinosauranorexia (4:19:41 PM): I MADE YOU 300K
LunieLunel (4:19:45 PM): ^_^
dinosauranorexia (4:19:49 PM): I DEMAND A SPOT ON YOUR PROFILE
dinosauranorexia (4:19:52 PM): DESCRIBING HOW AWESOME I AM.
LunieLunel (4:19:53 PM): xD
dinosauranorexia (4:20:24 PM): D: <

"You don't take darvocet for a headache!"

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Renaissance Report | 07/28/2016 9:06 am
Happy your even older aren't you so excited day!
BRxKEN Report | 07/28/2015 5:57 pm
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, even though I know you won't see this. heart
Amlin Report | 10/19/2010 11:18 pm
Do you even use this toon anymore? User Image
Ma Ajmala Report | 09/12/2010 3:46 pm
Ma Ajmala
I made a thread about you and you didnt come sad
Savat Report | 09/08/2010 10:50 am
good for cleaning out jars etc. blaugh
Savat Report | 09/08/2010 10:38 am
Does it have a long tongue?
Savat Report | 09/08/2010 10:28 am
bwahahahaha was that dog on sale? 'cuz it's legs look like 50% off ehehehehe
Akari Yui Report | 09/07/2010 9:18 pm
Akari Yui
mmmm moony rofl
Ma Ajmala Report | 09/07/2010 6:02 am
Ma Ajmala
Sell ur dog to me then dramallama I'll pay you well wink
Ma Ajmala Report | 09/07/2010 5:50 am
Ma Ajmala
Hey, you! Get Uno for XBOX scream

To doubt something is easy. To have faith is what's hard.