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Yo, my name's Danielle. I go by Dani or Lunchpail if you prefer. I'm just your average socially-inept nerd -- Or am I a geek? What's the difference? -- girl. I like to see everyone happy and will try my hardest to accomplish this, which usually ends up with me getting some pretty weird looks most of the time -- like I've got some sort of incurable disease or something. (Apparently, you're not supposed to be nice to one another in today's society...)

I've been told I'm old for my age. I'm the mom friend. I get crushes easily and get jealous quickly. And I hold grudges. If I'm angry with someone, I usually do a pretty good job of hiding it. I am a Cancer, after all. We're nothing if not over-emotional and dramatic.

I'm usually quiet and observant in a large group or with people I don't know well. But get me in a small group of friends and I can't shut up. I was voted "Most Artistic" in high school, though I think I only received that title because they wanted to give me something and couldn't think of anything else. =/

I'm old-fashioned, I'll admit. I don't swear, drink, smoke, have sex basically do anything people my age are supposed to do. It doesn't bother me when my friends do that stuff -- I don't even notice it anymore. I just don't do it myself. I've been called a prude on more than one occasion A LOT.

I love animals, just not rodents. I love to sing, though I'll never say I'm good at it -- far from it, actually. At all the dances I've attended, I've never been asked to dance. I've never had a boyfriend, never been on a date.

And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that.


-♥- Disney -♥- Sailor Moon -♥- Pokemon -♥-
♥- Cats -♥- Bags/Purses -♥- Cosplay -♥- Chocolate & Sweets -♥-
-♥- Cute Stuff -♥- 90's Pop Music -♥- Japanese Culture -♥-
-♥- Mythology -♥- Rainy Days -♥- Ghost Stories -♥- Comic Books -♥-
-♥- The Paranormal -♥- Criminology -♥- Marvel Movies -♥-
-♥- Lunchboxes -♥- Randomly Breaking Out into Song -♥-
-♥- Macabre History / Trivia -♥- Conspiracy Theories -♥-
-♥- Going to Thrift Shops and Scouring for Nerdy / Cool Stuff -♥-

-♥- Energy Drinks -♥- The Dark -♥- Chemistry Class -♥-
-♥- Waking up too Early -♥- High Winds -♥- Loud Noises -♥-
-♥- Getting Wet when not Wearing a Bathing Suit or Bathing -♥-
-♥- Impolite/Rude People -♥- Creepy Little Kids -♥- Kids in General -♥-



Color(s): Hot Pink, Maroon, and Rose Gold
Food: Probably chicken nuggets. I have the palate of a 7-year-old.
Drink: Spring Water or Orange Soda
Dessert: Tiramisu
Animal: Domestic House Cat
Pokemon: Wigglytuff, Beautifly, Cinccino, Azumarill, Roserade... the list goes on ^^;
Flower: Orchid
Holiday: Halloween
Anime: Sailor Moon
Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Movie: Not sure. Probably something stupid and geeky. Actually, I do know. It's National Treasure. Like I said, stupid and geeky.
T.V. Show(s): The Masked Singer and The Mandalorian
Store(s): Box Lunch, Hot Topic, and thrift stores


~Random Facts about Moi~

•When I was younger, I watched those old Olsen Twins detective movies on repeat. Then, when I was older, I watched Veronica Mars. So I wanted to grow up to be a private detective.

•Though I'm a HUGE Disney fan, I've only been to Walt Disney World once, and I was two years old. So I don't remember it. ;( But, one of the first things I plan to do when I get the money, is take a trip there.

•I'm a Hufflepuff! And being as such, I am a particularly good finder. xP

•If you were to walk into my bedroom right now, you'd swear it belonged to someone half my age, with all the Care Bears, Hello Kitty, Disney, Sailor Moon and pink everywhere.

•I want to eventually go back to school for my Masters of Library Science and become a librarian. But for now, I'm fine with my current job working at the local movie theater.

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