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My journal is about me, events that happened, secrets I haven't told, poems I've written and thoughts that I've had. Care to look if you care to read.

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Birthday: 01/25

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5 billion Report | 01/25/2014 3:07 pm
5 billion
stalkkk. i'ma read all your journals and about me heart heart heart

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emotion_yatta I don't think I am really that interesting of a person but I try sweatdrop -- SKIPPING ALL THE SAPPY IMPERFECTION BULL. emotion_c8

#1 yum_cupcake yum_cupcake wahmbulance wahmbulance I LOVE CAKE!!! (and all that stuff) yum_strawberry
*I'm Jamaican but I live in America (for the while being anyway)
*I play the violin and drums. heart heart
*Favorite color razz INK (then black)
*I'm loud and shy.
*I LOVE TO WEAR DRESSES AND SKIRTS. 4laugh (thought I'd let you guys know..)
*I'm funny (I think....)
*I listen to dubstep ,house and skrillex,rock and all that junk everyone else likes.
*I like Miley Cyrus (Just thought that'd be important to know)
*My favorite villain is the joker.
*I LOVE ANIME. emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
*I am a big time clutz I drop things alot, and fall, occasionally break things.
*My favorite hero is batman and the black widow.
*I have a twin. (I hate her, so I pretend she doesn't exist) emotion_donotwant
*I like video games PC games too (BTW!! wahmbulance Do not unleash your love for gaming on me. PLEASE)
* I have lots of secrets.
*You PROBABLY shouldn't trust me. IDK. 3nodding
*I have trust issues.
*I'm a literal and logical person, though I may take things seriously I know what a joke is. talk2hand
*I laugh at the wrong times, so excuse me if I do.
*I might be mean but I'm pretty sure I'm nice. (Or so I've been told).
*I'm scared of the dark (mainly whats in it,call me a punk. Whatever..)
*I'm a smart dumb a** (btw I swear alot. I think)
*I love writing, and I write some pretty damn good essays. emotion_dowant

So in conclusion, I'm not that interesting. I don't really have a life story to tell, I like people. I think I hate most teens. I'm not that cool (?) I'm loud and shy. I don't like being criticized. HOLY JESUS BALLS: I can sing. YES, I have THAT perf Whitney Houston voice. Yeah and I REALLY like cake, I love it. I think I only want a wedding because of the cake they'll have. emotion_kirakira

and I like my mom. I like my family too, they're fun.

Oh,also sorry I don't have any "haters can hate' pictures and what not, I'm just waiting for one. Always wanted to post one of those pictures, all the cool kids are doing it. stare

Deuces emotion_yatta (Idk if people still say that....)

Just thought I'd just leave this right here.

I don't fall, I attack the floor.

I mean...c'mon there's like 7 billion people on Earth.

SO true. Beware of me.