Ok.. so a bit about myself....??? Ok well my name is Lunariia, Luna for short. I am 17 yrs old living in the beautiful land of Nonofurbusinessunlessurafriend =) but i will tell you it is located in the U.S. I am really nice and depending on my mood really outgoing. I am a bit cynical about teenage love which might be why I reject so many guys, so if you have boyfriend trouble and expect a very girly advise forget about it cause I will tell you the sad truth. Uhm...I usually see things pretty positively and won't get mad but after a bit any little thing will cause me to explode so don't freak if that happens. I am pretty talkative and can last hours in one convo and can switch topics in a flash since i have a story for almost everything but i will get lost in conversations in a rally cause i can't type well without looking and i lose a lot of the bubbles. Uhm... what else... oh! Just to warn you i am a HUGE geek, im the type that one day will make an English tea time with the cakes, sandwiches you name it then the next day a Japanese moon watch with dango. I go threw these moments when i become a gardener one day and will buy all the equipment then the next get over it and become a chef or artist. Oh! i also sometimes acquire some habits i see on television, so if you hear be say some movie lines here and there its normal...well for me at least XD Well that's about it that i can think of at the moment but i will give a list on things I like for you to get to know me better ^.^ :

Gender: Female

Status : Straight, Single, and loving it ;P

Fave Artist/s: Well at the moment 30 seconds to mars

Fave Movie:...hmmm thats a toughy... non really i like them in general

Fave movie genre : Romantic comedy, comedy, fantasy

Fave food- Japanese food...and Korean...and Vietnamese..oh WTH i like all food (food is like art, you need to savor each flavor the artist added)

Talent - drawing

Pet peev: People that complain about their weight withought doing anything about it, and picky eaters

Fave desert : ALL!!! but if i had to choose mocha cake, i am a cake and coffee kind of girl. But not the biggest fan of candies.

Fave spots - my room, and under water

(I will try to keep up with this list if anything new happens! XD)


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my family, stuff I did today!!



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miss ya girlie! hope life is treating you well gaia_kittenstar gaia_sakura
Donna Zeigler Shanyboo

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Donna Zeigler Shanyboo

I do have the Exquisite Yarn. Do you want it?

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HI!!! I'm on winter break and decided to take a peek on gaia.
It's been like, three years since I last logged in sweatdrop
oh how times have changed...

Anyways! I scrolled through some ancient PMs and saw you on there smile
Hope life is treating you well, old buddie!
i S o r a Y a m a t o

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i S o r a Y a m a t o

Happy Valentine's Luna!! <3
i S o r a Y a m a t o

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i S o r a Y a m a t o

~!Happy New Year Lunar!~
i S o r a Y a m a t o

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i S o r a Y a m a t o

Lunar!!! If you even come online again, send me a PM on how I can contact you maybe via skype or something! It's been forever since I last talked to you or contacted you! Miss you lots' - From your Teddy bear!!
Ryu SkullCake

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Ryu SkullCake

hola XP sweatdrop
Serah Cross

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Serah Cross

Hey Luna its Kristy.
If you get any IM'S from my "Monet Crest" account dont click.
i got hacked =/
i S o r a Y a m a t o

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i S o r a Y a m a t o

Hey Luna! C: How are you bestie!! C: I've hardly been online due to school activities.. I maybe leaving Gaia for quite sometime.. Though I'd love to stay in contact w/ you in a way, like do you have Skype or some other social media? C: Love you bestie!!

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Thx4Buying! ^^


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