Age: 15

Birthday (corrected): 9/19/93

Occupation: highschool student, and if it counts right now an artist (i will b posting some of my stuff soon btw!!)

likes: drawing, reading (i am a MAJOR BOOK WORM), hanging out w/friends, playing on gaia.

dislikes: HOMEWORK!, tests, all the boring stuff that happens at school, pics of me, annoying brother, waking up late, gym class...and more to come.

Friends: Beth, Scott, Amber, Becky, Sade, Anita, Jeff, Heather, Ashley, Mikayla. Katelyn, perry, brity and cory.

Favorite types of art: ANIME, MANGA, Pointilisim, photography, painting, pottery and w/e else i can try.

talents: i can do alot of art styles, singing (most of the time), im smart, able to help ppl, and i find it easy to talk to ppl (most of the time)

favorite foods: pizza (who doesnt love pizza??), chorico stew (yum), scallops, portuguese steak, spagettie, rocky road ice cream

foods that i will never EVER eat agian for as long as i shall live: hot dogs, meatloaf, italian sausage, meatballs (ok ill eat em but i dont like em that much...)

favorite animals: WOLVES!!, huskies, black labradors, eagles, hawks.

Favorite time of day: Twilight

Favorite Books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host, Harry Potter series, The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, This Lullaby, The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, Eragon, Eldest, The House of Night novels.


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air spirits journal

my lovely and totaly awesome journal.. (cheesy ik)

ok, its basically about recent things in my life and well about my art, im gonna start selling art on gaia, drawing pplz avis..stuff like that


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Happy birthday hun!
lunar wolverine

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lunar wolverine

Oh my god I just went through that with my grandmother..I know how it is. I am so sorry. Just tell him to keep a clear head and take it one step at a time.

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my father got diagnosed with cancer :'[ crying

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vote 5 for me plz
ill go in a lil bit, but i also have to go to the hospital at 2:00pm o.O

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Really? o.o
Umm... I'm sorry that you two broke up..
Hope everything works out..

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Lol =] It's kind of weird but I have to take care of some pregnant dog and her puppies for the next few weeks..o - o ((Long story o.e))
But other then that, pretty much NOTHING O:
Yourself? :3

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Jess? o.o YOU'RE ON : D-Huggles- > w <
I Imber I

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I Imber I

What happened? I read your status... sad
skool babe

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skool babe

hey woman im on!!!! xD


Please help me..Ill give you great fan art.
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