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                                      Writing is the Painting of the Voice - Voltaire



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Hello, please call me Luna!
I'm 22 years old, and more or less here to write!
I'm sorry if we don't speak too much on a personal level, since I find it easier to write about my muses than myself.

That said, writing is clearly an interest of mine, along with reading.
I'm a big fan of Tales of, Legend of Zelda, and the Persona Series.
I play VR Chat under the user "ilunares".
I'm a fan of manga and anime as well, but there's a rather long list there.

Random facts? My favorite colors are pink and blue. My favorite animal is the fox.
I have a Word History book due to my love of words, and happen to have an interest in Psychology.

I want to someday make my writing something special. Maybe write a book, or teach others -

Ask for my Discord!

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