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Tribute To Beautiful Yu~ki In Malice Mizer

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I have been here on Gaia for some years now, so I think it's time for me to introduce myself a little... (but just a little, I'm not open as a book you know).
If there is something you wonder about me, you're welcome to ask.

So let's get started, I am a little girl in a age of 26 (I hate getting older, wish I could stay as a child forever...) and it seems like I never will grow up.
I live in Stockholm the capital city of sweden with my parents and baby sister.
I'm half-blood, 50% swedish and 50% Tunisian.

to be continued...


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Tooni Report | 02/25/2016 11:25 am
You're welcome. Thanks biggrin
celticheavens Report | 02/10/2016 8:04 pm
np c:
Onsoferic Report | 02/04/2016 5:26 am
You are welcome! yum_strawberry
NOXV Report | 02/02/2016 11:24 am

You're welcome and thanks for the compliment~ it's been a year(?) since I last posted something but it's not working too well cuz meh too lazeh~ btw I can't pm you directly cuz you set it to friends only lel
Sisterblade Report | 01/13/2016 5:07 pm
thank you!! he is a sweetie smile hes really a dachshund corgi mix. the corgi side didnt show until he was fixed, now he looks more corgi lol smile
Ink Pastels Report | 01/13/2016 3:27 pm
Ink Pastels
Thanks for buying. yum_puddi
Raven of the Darkened Sky Report | 12/12/2015 7:12 am
Raven of the Darkened Sky
Thank you!! :3
Morhidia kanibul Report | 09/27/2015 10:04 pm
Morhidia kanibul
Ӄєє℘ ℂ Ⱥ ℄ Ϻ Ί Ðɵℵ•'ϯ ɓiϮә Ӈ ค ℜ ɖ !User Image


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☪ .B .U .M. P. ☪

* thanks 4 buyinh

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Asian Hon Report | 07/29/2015 4:56 pm
Asian Hon
Thank you for buying! whee
Ash Duke Report | 07/26/2015 4:06 pm
Ash Duke
Your welcome mrgreen


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My precious little sister

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