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    Hi there! My name is CaityColleen, and a 14 yr old who lives in B'ville Arkansas. I love music and anime, and anything gothic lolita. So yea, I'm your average misfit girl, I fail highschool and hide my journal just like any other girl. So yea, this is just a sample about me, so if you want to know more, find the message button and give me a shout!

    My school Biography: Me and Friends.
    I love them all very much. No matter what they do or what the will do to me, I will always feel this way. From kindergarten to fourth grade I never had any true friends. I hung out with the "bad kids" Like RedHead Cody and all his Trailer park buddies. At the end of 3rd grade, when I found out Cody had been busted for smoking, I left. In fourth grade, I met Allison S. She and I hated each other at the beginning of the year, but soon we grew very close (seeing as we BOTH had a crush on Dylan, lol). Then in fifth grade, we grew apart. We stopped hanging out every weekend, and stopped calling each other every night. in fifth grade, I was hated by everyone in my class, until the end of the year, I met who would become my bestfriend for over 2 years. She is who you guys probably call Shy, or hinata, here on GAIA. Well, in sixth grade, I grew a bit closer to Ally and Shy both. Then more people started to come into our circle, Such as Britney and Mary.
    Then in seventh grade, a semi tradgedy grew very close to Shy for a little while. In my third period class, right behind me to be exact, A student stabbed another kid. I was freaked out...because I never thought something like that could happen at our school. That's the year the Counsler became one of my friends as well, seeing as I was in her office almost everyday. Thats also the year that Holly stepped into my life and screwed it all up.
    In eigth grade, I got close to Dawn, or Lazy Bun, and she and I became really close by the end of the year, hense to why shes like a sister to me on many levels. If I say I have company, there's 99.8% chance that it's her thats here. Now then, anyone who wanted to know about me, knows.

    I'm a girl.
    I'm a rebel.
    I'm a zombeh.
    I'm a babydoll.
    I'm a bestfriend.
    I'm a sister.
    I'm a daughter.
    I'm a girlfriend.
    I'm a bucket of laughs.
    I'm a scratch magnet.
    I'm a cat lover. <3
    I'm a counsler.
    I'm a lover.
    I'm a dog owner.
    I'm a text whore.
    I'm an anime lover.
    I'm a reader.
    I'm a japanese manga and culture addict.
    I'm an ice cream-a-holic.
    I'm a gaian.
    I'm a youtuber.
    I'm a music lover.
    I'm a smoothie blender.
    I'm a water drinker.
    I'm a food eater.
    I'm a unique rose.
    Best of all,
    I'm what YOU will never be:
    I'm ME!


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Suzuki Akiranashi Report | 10/26/2009 4:00 pm
Suzuki Akiranashi
Tag you're it! no tag backs pass it on and you get a cookie *eats my cookie*
Shrad Saunders Report | 08/26/2009 2:15 pm
Shrad Saunders
ClairWest Report | 08/11/2009 11:45 am
Hey...How are you?
I...We haven't talk in awhile have we? Sorry...Everything is crazy at home. G-pa got back from tghe hospital last night and Steve will be here any minute. If you're on and it is possible for you, call.
Discuit Report | 08/10/2009 2:36 pm
Because I'm hot, and because it's ice, it's suppose to melt durr
Discuit Report | 08/10/2009 2:30 pm
why thank you! x3

it looks like I'm crying right now.
But I'm not it's just the ice on my head melting xDD
Discuit Report | 08/09/2009 12:24 pm

I'ma show you spam!
ClairWest Report | 08/02/2009 10:27 pm
Hey...I love your page. And your bg. Love it doesn't even describe it....
I just want to stay on your page and stare at the awesomeness. Lol
ClairWest Report | 07/26/2009 8:43 pm
Zombie on the loose!!
Cool Avi
ClairWest Report | 07/26/2009 7:24 pm
Don't wanna talk to me, fine talk to gaia then. Don't wanna talk to me...I see how it is.
Lol. J/k