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Hashtable Report | 10/08/2017 7:44 am
Lol random but I just learned what agile actually is today. ;o; I know nothing any more. Nothing ;o;
Hashtable Report | 10/08/2017 12:46 am
Well.. Actually I learned initially from school.. there was a really good java class where we got to do w/e we wanted basically. xD That was what got me into it I think. o.o
Hashtable Report | 10/06/2017 4:37 pm
Haha anything you didn't like though? ninja Inuyasha was fun heart

I've been programming.. I guess 8 years maybe? 5 years professionally, 3nodding I definitely learned far more from work than from anything else.. I always think very critically about the code that I write and about other people's code that i have to deal with, and one of my colleagues is really into theory and reading books and spouts random ideas that I just sponge from him. 3nodding

I've never really studied much in depth myself though.. i was a terrible student, so I didn't study that much there. xd Actually I've just started reading books recently.. whee Though I haven't read much yet, lol. It's hard for me to stay motivated if I'm not solving a problem for someone else or teaching. D:

Idk I haven't signed any NDAs lately, so should be fine lol. ninja
Hashtable Report | 10/05/2017 5:33 pm
Well yeah, I do enjoy anime. heart Higurashi was amazing for me cause I love well-thought out mystery stories with good characters/character development. whee Do you have any favorites?

Lol yeah some assignments are just annoying.. particularly if the requirements are not well speced out. stare

Multithreading is just a b***h in general to work with.. luckily languages (well at least C#) seem to be improving to make it a looott easier, so I haven't had a great deal of trouble with it at work. 3nodding I think it's really good to have an understanding of that stuff though, cause it can cause problems that you won't be able to figure out if you don't. gonk

So my company I'm working for uses largely Microsoft products..
Atm in terms of languages that Im necessarily pretty proficient in.. C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Angular 2, T-SQL..
There are languages built on top of some of those like TypeScript and LESS which are super helpful.
In the past we've used a fair amount of WPF (XAML) (trying to make more web based applications, though WPF does still come up..), AngularJS (using Angular 2 now)
Im pretty decent with MIPS Assembly, C/C++, Java, Latex, OCaml, and Python, but i havent used those for work and hope i never do. xd I'm sure there are random other specialized languages i know.. like idk if ASP.NET Razor even counts.. xd

So yeah i mean.. having a broader experience of all the different parts of the application will better help you understand the architecture... and if you have that, then you'll necessarily know more languages.. Idk that it's worth it to learn more just for the sake of it though.. I strongly prefer C# over Java last i checked i will say.. lol.

SQL is a really nice language to learn tho, and can affect how you program in other languages just by understanding it. 3nodding

I really want to learn Haskell/F#, but I haven't had the chance to do it yet. gonk
I've barely used PHP lol. Sounds like a horrible thing and i hope i never do have to use it again. gonk

Feel free to add me on Discord or something if you want to chat about programming or w/e. 3nodding I'm pretty open in terms of helping people out with programming or talking about random stuff lol.
Hashtable Report | 10/04/2017 1:59 am
Well my favorites are the psychological/thriller/mystery type ones.. Higurashi in particular is one of my favorites. heart
But yeah I like a lot of different stuff. whee https://myanimelist.net/profile/starstorm

Yeah, I know the feel.. I personally find that frustration to be less bad overall because I like to try to figure out why it gave me a hard time and architect the code to make it super easy to not make the same mistake next time... although sometimes... third party libraries are just... difficult sometimes... and coming in to someone else's s**t code and trying to take over can also be really hard. xd Playing the detective role isn't always as bad as all that though. Lol. And if I can understand someone else's code and rewrite it to be a reasonable shape, I enjoy that. xd

It's only suppppppper annoying when I have no spec... sweatdrop so i have no idea what the code is supposed to do besides the code itself and then being expected to fix it... then i just want to roll over and go back to sleep. rolleyes

What languages do you code in? j/c
Hashtable Report | 10/03/2017 4:04 am
What kind of anime do you like again? D:
I did watch Koe No Katachi night before last, was pretty amazing. heart

I usually do enjoy it. 3nodding I really enjoy devops and architecture, and i've gotten to do a lot of both lately. 3nodding I do wish I didn't have to clean up after other people so much, but.. oh well. xp
Hashtable Report | 09/30/2017 11:53 pm
Well school projects count. xd

Lol I haven't done much for personal projects either.. Like I keep telling myself i should update my animelist style and I never do, xD I just wanna lazy around and watch animu. xd *rolls around*

Lol no, at 6 PM, he told me to have an app update ready by 9:30 AM the following morning.. I thought he meant demo, but he just meant update. xd And i think it was just because a certain someone wasnt very happy with the fact that i hadn't updated in a while, lol.
Hashtable Report | 09/28/2017 8:54 pm
But yarrr.. lol i hate working for client's sometimes.. one of them just asked me for a demo at 9:30 AM tomorrow at 6 PM tonight.. stare
Hashtable Report | 09/28/2017 5:04 pm
Lol we have a branch in Toronto or near there.

What's like the biggest thing you've written yourself or worked on? Lol

I know where I work.. the main skills you need are:
1) how to use Google effectively, xD
2) communication skills.
3) fair amount of autonomy.. Like if you get stuck on something or blocked by someone, you have to harass them about it until you get what you need. xD It usually seems to take junior developers a while to get used to that one.

I think programming skills come completely below those lol. Except that you need to be willing to (possibly completely) change the way you write programs to adhere to best practices or at least inline with the team's methodology, lol.
Hashtable Report | 09/26/2017 5:45 pm
(though actually all i do is troll people ninja )

Stalking me I see?