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Registered: 11/07/2003

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Birthday: 03/28/1993

Occupation: Onerionaut

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Magnolia. Maggie. Maggienolia. Lia. 曉 彤.

if you have come here because of my legs,
thank you. i know. they're pre good.
my butt is better. but you'll never get to see that, gaia.

Current obsessions:
James, Battlestar Galactica, and Childish Gambino.

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just call me lumi, magnolia or mags.

21 years of age. Melbourne, Australia.
queer and taken

All I do is watch films and television, plan outfits,
listen to music, eat junk and create things.
Occasionally, I like to be pretentious and hateful.
But I like you.

I am very much in love with James Ford.
three years with my pop culture soulm8
and fellow butt enthusiast. we're awesome.

My visits to Gaia are very inconsistent,
and I apologise in advance. Find me on tumblr instead.

media and communications student.
majoring in animation.

Acrylic paints, water colours, oil paints, woodless pencils, charcoal, photography, oil pastels, colour pencils, water colour pencils, photoshop, 3d modeling and animation. All good with me.

you gonna talk to me or what?



tumblr // instagram // lookbook // last fm

My time is consumed by:
Tumblr, James Ford, reducing world suck, Facebook, sketching, planning outfits, Youtube, being a nerdfighter, photography, deakin uni, working at the factory, Solitaire, folio work, gigs, meeting with artists, Gaia, homework, colour pencils, TV, fixing my hair, music, films, sleep, eBay, my guitars, public transport, making and drinking tea, baking, parties, Photoshop, study, Maya, reading books, wasting water, texting, blogs, GIF making, NME, Last FM, online shopping, poetry, 3DS, acquiring music/movies, being awkward, stalking, making/installing street art, animating, Texas Hold 'Em, editing, skype, worrying, pretending I have Jedi skillz,
And those shits I call my friends. <3

moar of my face.

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