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Artwork by my friends, and random Gaians, that features my avatar.
Current Count: 154 ^3^

Angel, Lum, and Sam
Lumenesca by Abby
Lum Bust by Lutearina
Lum Lum by Rhionnen
Culpritkitty's Lum, Part 1
Culpritkitty's Lum, Part 2
Culpritkitty's Lum, Part 3
Celestial Lumen
Haato no Rumenesuka by HoshiKurosu
Radical Lumen by IonicMistress
Spunky Lum by Spinelle
Mischevious Lumen by Sunshine_Sincerity
Lume, from a Cute Angel
Lume, from a Cuddily Rabbit
Radiant Lum by Rensing
Heck Yes! by Noemie
Bella Boo's Awesome Sketch
Morose Lum by Maestro Hyde
Glancing Behind by Faerie_0011
Neon Lum by StarBlazerM31
Coven of One by Sidhe Fleshmonster
Lumenesca in Bliss by Courtney555
Form of Scribble! by Devil-Golemn
Coy Lum by Queen_Crazy14
Lounging Celestial by Infraviolet
Opalescence by Q-tan
Happy Rainbow of Luv by Hobo Jesus
Befuddled Lum by Javi
Fear Me by StarFaerieNomad
Reminiscent Lum by hpanna47
Evanescent Lum by Xx_Nightmare_Wolf_xX
Rumuya-san by DaniDaniDanica
Crayon Lumchan by LavenderSakura
Lum in Candyland by SmexynoJitsu
Come Hither by Stickykitteh
LOL PAINT by Sir Isaac Newton
Starry Night by StarFaerieNomad
Pom Pom Lum by 0MG_A_C00K13
Peace! by Riiya22
Piko Lum by Hazel Wildfire
Sultry Lum by l0stinj00
Oh Snap by Washu_Takahashi
Liquid Lum by D0ll_Parts
Can I Has? by Joker Panic
At Dawn by Urvan
LOLWHUT?! by Atomic Punk`
Let It Shine by sky eats lame
We Are Not Amused by Misakiri
Akin to Air by Random-Rainbow Art
Enigmatic Lum by Nekouyoku
I'm Bored... by vittoriaisinsane
Akin to Cubism by CutePony345
Furious Lolita by iFishies
Kore wa Nan Darou...? by Tensaibishounen
Skipping Along by Arts of Death
Daifubukiningyo by Marchyorry
Graceful Lum by Nehis Ark
Beauty and Her Beast by Nehis Ark
Kirakira! by RetroNun
Lum Character Profile by Nehis Ark
My One, My Only by Nehis Ark
Perturbed Lum by LiLiko1
Wicked Lum by Nehis Ark
Innocent Lum by xxLightsOutxx
Uwaa... by Vampirexdarkness
Lum Character Profile v2 by Nehis Ark
Divine Lum by StarFaerieNomad
Dynamic Lum by Nehis Ark
That Empty Feeling by xXRaito-kun KiraXx
Lumccubus by Nehis Ark
Fan Service! by Nehis Ark
Defying Gravity by Nehis Ark
Romancing The Hierarch by StarFaerieNomad
Schoolgirl Lum by Nehis Ark
Miffed Persocom by Hannibalism
NuBestFriend by xxSaNdiiE_SAiikOxx
Win Pose by xCoOkiezXP
Sexy Space Shoujo by Nehis Ark
Lolita Lumccubus by Nehis Ark
Less-Than-Good Mood by oORoadOo
Firing Her Lazer by KotokoPlum
Bashful Lum by SnapCracklePop13
Pokemon Trainers by Nehis Ark
Cheerful Lum by My Sin Is Greed
Moon Queen by Nehis Ark
Hand in Hand by Nehis Ark
Thinking of Kannu by Kauhana
Lum is a Gremlin? by D3r4ng3dOr4ng3
Shimmering Lum by Ginga03
At Dusk by Liento
Lum and Zazie by Lady Akiba
Rainbow Guardian by DeathPhantom
Shattered Rainbow by Nehis Ark
Meadow Dweller by Nehis Ark
Lum and Nehis by Nomad Realta
Celestial Doll by Nomad Realta
Nano Lum by ElfPudding
Cobalt Stare by BlA5tFiRe
Derpy Lum by Butaux
Lum and Lynette by Willow256
Lum and Elfpudding by Romaniia
Aloof Lum by Puni-kun
"Ohoho~!" by Claisen Condensation
Milfy Lum by Nehis Ark
Baby Lum by M i l y M o - F o
Unorthodox Attire by Ninja_Luka
Lumnyan by Arlecchina
The "Candy" Van by Sawasin
Darn These Fanfics by Sawasin
Ghoulish Goth by Grimlywoven
Adorable Glare by Eapie
Serene Lum by Natsuko-kohai
Elf, Pie, and Lum by Rixva
Demonic Raspberry by Stripeycow
Kiwi Bubble by Clueless Dog
Voodoo Lum by Trysnau
Unicorns Like Tapioca by Yenenda
Fae Princess by Flippy Jean Jones
Merrily On High by Rabbit Paradise
Raver Lum by Jazzniko / Nomad
Little Minx by Nehis Ark
Kokeshi Lum by Aulora
Bummed Out by stumpz
Serious Business by Say What o_0
Ooki Ichigo by jjjgrace
Sapphirical by Nehis Ark
Flustered Lum by Soul_Existence
Octolum by hotgirlforliveitmb
Our Secret by The Scarlet Rose
Saccharine Lum by GinzanKitsune
Berry Bubble Tea by Nehis Ark
Night Creature by iiCelestial F O X
O Hai Dere by iHikarii-kun
Birthday Girl by Emmeleia
Lum and Liansa by DarkEvili
Hallyu Lum by DarkEvili
Typical Redshirt by Aerial Whale
Lum and Neko!Luna by Panda-chan XIII
Team Nocturne by Nehis Ark
TRON Lum by kclubz
Step Off by Malevolent Ginger
Dainty Lum by Ginger Blue
Tanjoubi no Sasu by Rose Valentine
Finger Puppet Lum by pinkytutu
Sparring by Nehis Ark
Anathema by Nehis Ark
MLP Lum by Blablashmo
Contemplation by Nehis Ark
Birthday Shenanigans by ElfPudding
Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Nehis Ark
Not Always Happy by Xiao_Tenshi
Lum Cosplays Eridan by iRaichuu
Sneasel Shenanigans by x_Cielle_x
The Resonance by Nehis Ark


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I am a lover of anime, manga, videogames, manhwa, alternative and trance music, writing, the sciences, science fiction, reading, and the fine/liberal arts.

I will gladly donate gold, in exchange for art featuring my avatar. PM me if you're interested. ^_~


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Catuboduus Report | 03/10/2013 6:15 pm
God dammit. There are two Leslies and Brittany escaped into another comment, gaaaah!
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Remember when I used to draw comics about these guys? emotion_awesome
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Admiral Snaps Report | 06/19/2012 7:33 pm
Admiral Snaps
Thankies~ heart
MANLESCA Report | 05/23/2012 11:24 am
BEHOLD! It is I! MANlesca! The MANLY man who has a fetish for all things men! Where is your Truth? I must get him to become beautifully M-preg with my children!
Admiral Snaps Report | 05/06/2012 6:25 pm
Admiral Snaps
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Admiral Snaps
Happy birthday!
if you still go on gaia :<
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What if you had a sister? I think she'd be like this.

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"Abra Kedavra! he yelled at Snape and Loopin pointing his womb. I took my gun and shot Snape and Loopin a gazillion times and they both started screaming and the camera broke."
-My favorite quote from the worst fanfiction ever.

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