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sharros3 Report | 03/03/2011 9:25 pm
Hey do you think you could possibly help me bro?Im trying to get the item Erik's Masquerade
and Im really struggling you not the only one Im asking Im just having a hard time getting the gold if you can I would be in great debt to you
sharros3 Report | 02/22/2011 9:09 pm
Thanks Bro,You liking it back in the states?
sharros3 Report | 02/21/2011 9:29 pm
Hey bro how's it going?Haven't spoken to you in awhile
4oko Report | 09/02/2010 5:47 pm
yo, i know that the reply is like almost a year late, but thank you (re: birthday)
need to refresh my mind... did we trade tires, boots and cans? xD
sharros3 Report | 08/12/2010 5:55 pm
New me?Oh the new avitar.Im working on cosplay with a friend
sharros3 Report | 08/10/2010 11:09 pm
Hey bro hows life as a sailor?
sharros3 Report | 06/12/2010 3:41 pm
sharros3 Report | 06/09/2010 9:44 am
ha ha.where?
sharros3 Report | 06/07/2010 6:29 pm
Im guessing you have a crush on the gaia npc Sam huh?
Marimo-kun Report | 05/18/2010 12:03 am
yeah, I noticed he was talking a bit different than normal...and once I started PMing him and I said I was getting suspicious he stopped replying lol.... =~=; stupid hackers.... I told him sunday that I'd try and help him get some of his gold back =O

Death Battle! Goku VS Superman


Watashi no namae wa Lumen Aught desu, hajimemashite. Eigo o hanasemasuka? i said do ya' speak American? Good ba'cause jawin' like that 'es hard. Just look 'et them wordz! Over 10 letterz! One of 'em take up the whole Scrabble board! Any hoot, free shippin' on all itemz. i got that fancy direct depos'et, only with itemz! What? ...i didn't say everybody on Gaia don't got it also, i just don't want ya' ta' fret none if ya'll new here. i do return mispriced itemz if ya' left out a zero.
If ya'll want, ya' can straight out trade me the cash i'm askin' for, with a nice 2% cut off for ya'-self as long as 'am still holdin' it. i figured, i'd rather pass the savin'z off ta ya', than pay Gaia. It's yo'r money, i'm just tryin' ta' save it for ya'.
Well, got to go. Sayonara ya'll.
......*To Self* - Toire wa doko desu ka?


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Last Login: 08/05/2015 8:55 pm

Location: The Swamps of Gaia

Birthday: 10/13

Occupation: Undead Slayer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ZOMG CLAN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lumen and Caelia - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lumen: "e'llo, I'm Lumen an' this gravity defi--"

Caelia: "Hey Listen!"

Lumen: *To Caelia* - "What Caelia?! I'm tryin' ta' --"

Caelia: *Whisper-Whisper*

Lumen: "Ya' I'll tell I 'em how we met, but have ta' introduce ya' before I..."
- - - - - -*Sigh - To You* - "Sorry, 'bout that. Where was I? Right, well... I guess ya'll
- - - - - - know this 'es Caelia now..."

Caelia: *Giggle* That’s ME! *Ta-DAaaa*

Lumen: *To Caelia* - “How’d ya’ do that?”

Caelia: “What this? *Ta-DAaaa* “Pretty cool huh?”

Lumen: “Yeah... Do ya’ vibrate ya’ wings ta’ make the sound or somthin’?

Caelia: “That’s crazy talk, you’re crazy... crazy! I just use magic.” *Giggle*

*Moment of Silence*

Lumen: *To You* - "Well, first things first... Yep I'm blind."
- - - - - - *Caelia Glows Dark Blue* - "But, don't fret none, 'cuz I know where
- - - - - - everythin' es, 'cludin' you."

*Pokes You - You Now Notice He Looking You In The Eyes*

- - - - - - "Caelia helps with the details, like readin'. I'm a Undead Slayer
- - - - - - by trade. Ya' know zombies, ghouls, skeletons, wraiths, ghosts, liches,
- - - - - - but I mostly get jobs for vamp's. They seem the most commin'
- - - - - - 'round here. I try not ta' kill dhampirs if I can help 'et..."

Caelia: *To Lumen - Glows Red* - "OOhhhmm! Stop being all gloooomy!
- - - - - - *To You - Glows Yellow* - "He really mostly makes a living fishing!
- - - - - - Besides those zombies have it comming! They smell bad too! All nasty
- - - - - - with their 'what-it' coming out of their--"

Lumen: *To Caelia* - "Thank ya' Caelia... but--"

Caelia: *To Lumen - Glows Blue* - "No problem! You work hard to un-undead
- - - - - - those undead, you should be happy! Like the garbage man!"

Lumen: *Ears Turning Red* "Never thunk of 'et like that..."

Caelia: "Well you should! You're doing a public service for Gaia! Most of the time
- - - - - - not getting paid for it! What's more good than that?!"

Lumen: *To You* - "As I was sayin'... I'm trained as a Gaiamancer.
- - - - - - Bein' a-mancer, I hold a Cleric level worshipin' Gaia so I can bless
- - - - - - water an' weapons ta' be used against the true evil-'n nature."

Caelia: *To You* - "Thats right! Life feeds off it's own decay! So undead are
- - - - - - villains of nature... I mean Gaia! ..." *To Lumen* - "Right Lu?"

Lumen: *To Caelia* - "Well 'et's not quite that cut an' dry... Let's just say
- - - - - - I'm doin' some of 'em a favor an' the others I'm doin' society a favor.
- - - - - - Ya' follow?"

Caelia: "I'm confused..."

Lumen: *Sotto Voce* - Yeah.... 'bout that...."

Caelia: *Changes Many Colors - Stops On Blue - Widens Eyes*

Lumen: *To You* - "Anyway... I'm a half-elf an' the lass here 'es a Sprite--"

Caelia: *To Lumen* - "I'm a FAIRY!" - *Glows Red*

Lumen: *To Caelia* - "What's the difference? B'sides 'Sprite' sounds less girly."

Caelia: *Yells Into Lumen’s Ear* - "I AM A GIRL!"

Lumen: *Holds His Ear* - "Oww, right 'en the ear!"

Caelia: "I'll show you "-'en the ear!" - *Grabs, Pulls & Twists Lumen's Ear*

Lumen: "Aaaahhh! What-'a'-ya DOIN'! Tryin' ta' make 'et POINT-Y-ER?!?"

Caelia: *Lets Go Of Ear - Turns her Back To Lumen - Glows Blue*
- - - - - - *Hunf* “Serves you right!"

Lumen: "O.K. O.K. I'm sorry already... Will ya' please forgive me?"

Caelia: *Still With Back To Lumen* - "I don't know if I want to..."

Lumen: "For some strange reason, I love ya' even tho' ya'r bein' difficult..."

Caelia: "DIFFICULT! Well I'll have you know that you, you... YOU LOVE ME?!?!"
- - - - - - *Body Slams Into Lumen's Face Almost Knocking Him Down & Hugging
- - - - - - Him Like A Pinch To The Cheek, While Glowing White*

Lumen: "A'course." *To You* "Well, we're us. Pleased ta' meet ya'."

---------------------------------------Rain of Gaia--------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- OUROBOROS ---------------------------

i now see that Oblivion is Order & Chaos is Life itself.

i don't know how i came to this world called Gaia. Was i born here? Logically, it would seem so, since half-elves like myself roam freely about this realm. Yet why do i doubt & feel alien to this tropic paradise where it is almost never winter. Regardless, this is the beginning, this is where it starts. Let's start with clothing ourselves. Rags from this ruined furniture will do for now. i shave my head to tend to my wound properly. i may look peasant poor, but it's better than crazy... Or one would hope attractively crazy.

i awoke in the morn with blood upon my brow & a pain in my mind that was more than physical. Hit from behind. They stole my equipment, but they robbed me of my memories. This empty tome & within a quill were a few feet away. The inside cover speaks my name while all other pages remain blank. "Happy Birthday Lumen, love EB". A sister? Wife? Close female companion, the person that did this to me? Or is Lumen the one who preyed upon me & dropped this? Am i perhaps the one who attacked & was stealing these items? i wish i could remember! i discover along the cart wreckage a belted satchel and a purse knapsack. Sealed within a knife, a key, a strange symbol & a handkerchief that says, "Hard Rock Café Gaia". Within the purse i find about 15,000gg. The bag is tied with the same ribbon as this tome's marker. A gift as well then.

i searched the ruins of my broken & discarded as worthless former life again. It seems to be household goods & destroyed furniture. Nothing useable or even in one piece. The tracks show my arrival by a large bird of some type, my adversary wore boots & is light weight. There is a light dragging over the tracks. My tracks are in wooden sandals, i discover their remains shortly after, suffering a similar fate. Cut in half. i note a light cut across both my palms. i used them as a shield to grab a hold of my adversary's sword? It hurts trying to remember.

Following the fowl's tracks led me to the poor beast. Slain painlessly at least, but slain non-the-less. The tracks show a chase, one with my pet in pursuit! This oversized yellow fowl bravely attempted to avenge me? Or did i ride it here & there are just no tracks back? Bird, even if we were not friends before, i will count you among those that loved me & never forget you. i keep the leather saddle, should i ever ride again. i have a tattoo on my back, i remember this is my clan symbol. The saddle bears my clan insignia upon it, same as this tome. Curious... My possession's execution shows a degree of skill, they are cuts & not cleaves. Yet, the executioner ambushes me & runs from my mount? Curiouser...

i deduce that my aggressor was one with a skillful blade, a preference for speed, yet lacking strength, & with a dragging cloth in their step. None of my possessions stolen, only my personnel gear taken, & everything else ruined from combat. An assassin, thief, or perhaps a ninja? i've come one step closer to finding them. i am going to find them. Tonight i write this with a bloody bandaged head, a stomach full of a once loyal friend & a cremation pyre for a life & of an old life. This fire brings light, a light that allows me to see my future. This light brings about a new fire, one within. My future is vengeance.

i sleep now under the shadow of stars. If they wish to judge me for my personnel justice, i will ask them where they were to prevent my tragedy. i trust they will not intervene with my stride for the one responsible. Should a star come before me without truth, i will slay it for lying by omission. Rest takes my eyes now, perhaps closed they will show me what i can not while awake. i must remember, i will remember. i may see a dream, but i will make my desire a reality. - End log: Day #1


i awaken once again to no memory. The sun looks directly back at me, it is almost noon. i must have been more hurt than i thought. i instantly note that my wounds are fully healed. This is baffling. i check my face to see how many days growth i have taken on & find no more than expected. i next noticed the death around me, the grass & any other plant life around me has passed from this world. i look where i awoke yesterday, & find the same only on a grander scale.

i feel an eerie truth about me yet undiscovered. Perhaps i was left for dead or died & brought back. i find this train of thinking disturbing. i take only what i can carry & biers my clan logo. i note a bamboo staff cut in half into two screamer sticks, heavy with battle damage. Immediately after holding them, i remember how to use them. Staffs, sticks, spears, lances, & poll orientation weapons, i feel this is my preferred choice of tool. i quickly fashion another bamboo quarter staff from the nearby pond. i relearn quickly that i'm pretty good at throwing this pocket knife of mine.

i notice something within the ashes of the spent pyre. A rare fire flower does not grow idly anywhere. This must have been hidden within one of my possessions used to cremate (& cook) my feathered friend. The heat must have awakened it. i remember my sister use to keep these with her, but not her name or her looks. Small steps, but steps. i conclude it was her that gave me these other two gifts. i feel a strange knowledge of the land, almost déjà vu & not in the woodsman sense. i'm on the move. The road is before me. Now... left... or right? - End log: Day #2

-------------------------------------------- CANIS ---------------------------------------------
As i travel the land to the nearest town, after turning right & following my prey's tracks. i can't help but know my way without a compass, road nor map. i also know where tracks are without seeking them out & though i feel no knowledge of the field & woods; i know them as if i am viewing them remotely in my mind. Have i been here before, am i some ranger, or is this just natural for an elf... er... half-elf. i think writing this log would be easier if this quill had an eraser.- End log: Day #6


i have found tracks of my booted bounty within the field. Even the stealthiest assassin must have a solid underfoot at one point or another. They go toward the same town i travel to & this foot traveled about two days ahead. The step is slow & heavier than the previous; as well i note the feeling of light blood in the land. i see my prey didn't walk away unharmed, yet also travels without fear of reproach. They have already forgotten concern of me. When we are face to face they will remember soon enough. - End Log: Day #9


i have arrived in a small town not even on the maps they sell here. i equip & get some Buddhist straw sandals, warm ninja pants, a black single loop belt, water gourd, warm bracers & a black Radicool headband. i buy a fireproof staff & combined it with the fire flower to have a fire staff made. i trade my tan peasant clothing & my bamboo quarter staff in the process. (i think he uses it to prop his shop door open now.) i search for memories of any familiarity. i come to a hotel that vibrates remembrance. i ask them to check for my name in the log history.

They find it 15 days passed & i ask for the employee that tended to me that night. She remembers me, to my embarrassment i flirted with her. She assumes i'm interested due to my return. i tell her my situation, she is less than understanding. What she knows about me is little, save that i was moving back to my old home in the swamp & was a druid of Gaia, but i had a Buddhist childhood upbringing. Funny that for such a man of holiness, teaching & wisdom, i am not the forgiving type.

i asked about anyone asking about me after i had passed this way. She said a pale man in a black coat asked about me. i ask if he was short & if the coat was to his feet, it was the same man. He has a face scar. Nothing more. To find my future, i must first know the past. i will travel to the nearest Temple of Gaia in the northern town about 250 leagues from here (7-8 days by foot). This traveling business was probably easier with that blasted bird to ride on. - End log: Day #12 - Age of Gaia 22 Aug 2008


i attempt to barter a ride from a few tradesmen along the way. They are wise not to accept an opportunity to be robed. Not by myself of course. Perhaps in this manner, is how i came to be in my new sandals. Of which, they remind me of a childhood i can't remember. This line of thought starts to mess with one's mind. For me, that may be more than one can handle. Questions & questions.

There is a curiosity & a wonder, but also the powerlessness & frustration of being out of place, with no connection nor familiarly to anyone or thing. It makes one feel they don't belong anywhere. The only comfort is the cool flow of Gaia within the world. That her will shall guide me through my ordeal, but my will shall conclude it. i wonder if i really believe in Gaia, or play the part to re-become myself. How many parts must i play? If the game is afoot, then i shall begin the hunt. Enemy, i may track you like a dog, yet you shall die like one. - End log: Day #16 - Age of Gaia 26 Aug 2008

---------------------------------------------- LEO ----------------------------------------------

i arrive at the Temple of Gaia. This vision of beauty stands with the strength of all that strives for balance. It true, it says so on the lintel header of the main door. Justice is balance, so i enter. i soon become addressed as "druid" by the cleric presiding the greeting at the door. He is curious as to not only why i am there in such garments as well as why my mythril armor that i left in was placed into the donation box not a day before! No information of how or by who. i know of only one who could. i inform my fellow followers of my situation. Fortunately i spent ten years here, learning to be a monk, then a druid to become a Cleric of Gaia (gaiamancer). They know a great deal about me & my deaf sister Echo Blue Aught.

i was born & raised in the swamp; my parents saved their money to buy my apprenticeship here. i made them proud learning to read & write. Learning kung-fu, as well as melee combat from the monks & working as an undead slayer for the Gaia clergy. i remember my father, proud when he attended my ascension to druid. i moved on to being a druid after five years of mastery of the monk skill. This explains my comfort in the land & dislike for the city. i ask for my armor returned & my brothers cannot honor my request. i fail to understand why. "Once in the donation box, it becomes the will of Gaia who may wear her mantel". i feel like that was worded as a dry joke of a truth. My fellow clerics are mostly scholars that need more field action...

My brethren here assumed that the finding of my armor meant that i had either given up being a cleric or i was dead, either way i would not be coming back. They offer me a chance to remember my training & if i succeed they will return what i have earned once before. What other option do i have? To face my enemy again without skill or protection? Yet the trail will chill if untracked. i weigh my fate heavily & know that this enemy came for me once & likely will again when learning of my breathing. Our day is likely fated. His previous failure is proof that he is not meant to succeed.

They take me to my former room. None of my disposable items remain. They tell me that i was going to attend my father's funeral & was intending to move into his home, as well as set up shop there to end the undead infestation within the swamplands. When i ask about my sister, they know nothing new or more. - End log: Day #20 - Age of Gaia 30 Aug 2008


Why do i feel the need to write this? Must be to validate my existence & give form to my thought. How pathetic & small of me. Still all action & influence can be innately evil by an objective (& perhaps even a subjective as well) view one way or another. It's simple, the more one thinks about it, the worse it gets.

My re-training has been completed. My muscle memory has allowed me to learn in hours what would take months or years to learn. In some cases, i have only viewed a technique or jutsu i once possessed & was able to perform it. i also have the thirst for knowledge that student crave. i have been told that i have surpassed my previous level with the same speed that i remembered what was lost.

It is slightly unsettling that my mind in its current state, has granted me the full mastery that my former self never could have known. Regardless, i am now a master level gaiamancer. The clergy tells me that i have all the necessary skills to attain the cleric title, so they gave it to me with all that would be granted with it. They are fools. i haven't earned it. In order to be granted such, i would be needed to trade the desire for vengeance. Even if i'm unworthy, so are they for granting it. They haven't forgotten, i haven't told them. i didn't think to. This is too high a price for me to risk it. i will not lye by omission. i will risk unveiling my evil, even if i may hinder its fruition. What have i become? They are less than pleased.

The jungle is the true evil of society, yet without it all life dies. The jungle is the victim of the city as it dies to feed the city fire & is poisoned by city waste. The forest can't fight back; it needs someone or something to fight for it. This is why the king of the jungle is not a bunny. If the leaders of the forest are the harbingers of the garden, then their enemies will become the soil to feed it. There is no waste, only unused resources. Time to use my motivational resource once again. What should i do? What do i need to do? i will leave the day after tomorrow, to insure there will be no more stagnation in my quest.- End log: Day #44-45 - Age of Gaia 23-24 Sep 2008

-------------------------------------------- DRACO --------------------------------------------

i have re-dawned my armor & under it i wear a leather belted body suit that will provide a good deal of protection with mobility. Additionally, if one belt shall fail me or be destroyed, it is easily replaced & my armor mounts easily to the straps. The junior monks & druids (cleric & gaiamancer apprentices) have fetched me some wooden sandals & the tabis socks needed for them, as asked. i thank them in turn with my fireproof staff (but not the fire flower). i have fashioned a tama spear to replace it already. A staff is too kind a weapon, for who i intend to use it against. i think whoever attacked me, may have also killed my father & i may yet discover his vendetta leading to my sister. That is where i must go, to learn what has happened of her. The messenger returned over a week ago stating she could not be found.

i wonder if my quest for vengeance makes me a villain. Death itself is not evil, only a tool of nature against the weak. To me 'if' we all get what we deserve in the next world, what does it matter if life ends. 'If' we don't, we only rid the world of more evil, due to evil combating evil the most often result. The only moral issue becomes 'free will' & due to the fact it's man with free will doing this against fellow men i don't see the issue. Perhaps i view my task as a necessary evil, but one warps logic to avoid the blame of fault.

My memories fade into my mind slowly & yet i don't know what to do with the knowledge i've learned. i still don't know who to thank for the blade that was placed within me. It is enraging not being able to return such favors. As a half-elf, i have one hundred & twenty five years of life left to search, with no guarantee of finding my prey again. Most will do anything to keep from going insane when confronted with a lifetime on their hands. Still, insane people can do most anything with their lack of inhabitations. So who is better off - the moral or the nihilistic? True freedom becomes the enemy of justice. How funny. Cleric funny. - End log: Day #48 - Age of Gaia 27 Sep 2008


i've noted the only writing i do is when i travel. Luckly i travel more than i think i enjoy. i can't really say since i still don't know myself very well. i don't even write anything important really. i still haven't written my name in my own hand. Luman Aught is my name, however my entire life is of relative unimportance. My service to Gaia, my missing memories, my revenge, matters little to you the reader. Whoever you are. Even if you are me. We do such trivial & useless things with our lives. We obsess over materialism, rather than view wealth as a means to an end of our objective. We value the easy path that drains our will & atrophies our strength. Even the right to use the difficult path is taxed upon entry more often than not. These are not complaints, they are facts. They are the seeds of wisdom against your own weakness. Should fate favor you, your own ineptitude can't compare to preparation for conflict. Even the weak cannot wield powerful weapons that fall unto their laps.

Once ago, a book told me that all pain is in color. This combination of all pain made pure agony white. i've lived my very life bathing in agony. i've seen those that would crave power to believe that until agony fears you, you rule nothing. When agony is your slave, you are a god. This is a lie. It is a trick of the darkness to corrupt all teachings of life. It tells you that if you are destroyed using evil, then you are too weak to deserve to use it. The trick is, evil uses you as its avatar. Evil holds no loyalty to its followers; its nature is selfishness & deceit. It covets only its own power. Strength is only something in others to be destroyed; used to measure power. Strength is not power. Power can only destroy. Strength endures & upholds for aeons. That is why power is weak. It will always be temporary. Just like the agony they use as their weapon. Furthermore, agony is not a weapon, (even if it feels like it.) It is just as the book said. Only white. White is the reflection of light upon the world. & light is only earned thru fire. Both light & fire are the means/tool of/to all truth.

Why do i write? This is not to pretend enlightenment. i don't pretend to wear a cape or wear a mask. i don't hide, or try to win by lying by omission. This is just my truth. This truth is my face, see no shame in it or on what i am & all that i am. i can choose to be shameless, even about bad grammar. There is no envy in my eyes, only wrath. i would rather be who i am than you wanting to be me & all the others you've stolen/copied from any lifetime. This lifetime needs to return to the lair that spawned them. This Swamp Dragon still has teeth. - End log: Day #53 - Age of Gaia 1 Sep 2008

----------------------------------------- REVENANTS -------------------------------------------

Ok, so like Loomy is all gloomy, cuz he can't see no more. His sister told me all about him being cheery and cute, and he was... but the whole 'burned eyeballs' thing just totally ruined that. And he told me to write what happened, but I'm all like, "That quill is HUGE and the wind moves it for me..." not gunna happen. So the reader-type-person is gunna need to read real little while I use this baby grass pen. Right? So I was all, helping with the dinner and Echo is worrying about the fact Lume still hasn't moved in. Then like ZOMBIES show up and I'm freaking out. Nobody invited them for dinner! Who would do that? I think we had enough for everybody, but they just trashed the place and chewed up Echo! Ewww, gross-city. Why would you do that?!? I'm like, "That's why nobody invites you to their house, your smelly and bite people." I was screaming, but forgot Echo can't hear me, cuz I was all so crazy-scared. She never heard them coming, it's all my fault for not grabbing her. Now she's got the zombie rabies. Then they saw me and I hid in the spice cabinet for like weeks. It was like living in pungent potpourri that makes you hungry. The dead-bags started shufflin' out finally, but I got too excited and was breathing hard. I sneezed and bonked my poor little head... When I woke up, it was all dark and Lu was there and he smelled like 'guy-stink' but it was better than swamp-zombie. He asked what happened and I told him I inhaled too much cilantro and HE FLIPS OUT! Honestly! Men don't even TRY to understand us... Then the zombies show back up cuz apparently 'guy-stink' is a delicious stench when you're not-quite dead. Next thing I know he's trashing the place looking for a weapon other than his spear, which is now holding the door shut. So I tell him we've got kitchen knives, leftover blue-cheese-meatloaf and a mini-sunstaff. What does he do? He grabs the oil lamps! He starts greasing up the place 'modern art' style, plops the mini-sunstaff in the middle of downstairs and tells me to fly out the chimney. There was no way I was goin to leave the last of my family to zombies that are all like "Omm nomm Nomm!" We flew to the second story of the house and waited till the house was filled with like 1,000 walking corpses and HE PUT ME IN HIS NASTY MOUTH AND LIT THE OIL! WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!? The power of the sun in each of those staffs! It caught fire and exploded in a mini-super-nova. He was blown out the window a football field away and into the swamp water. I was like "I finally just met the guy and he's covering me in his drool and now I'm in fish-poop-water." Then I'm getting his armor-butt on some wood as fast as I can and tug-boating his dazed pointy-ears to shore. What's the first thing he says when he wakes up? Not "Are you OK?" or "Thanks for not letting me become gator-chow," or "air is better than water in my lungs," or even "let me make you something to eat." No it's "Please write what happened in the book." Like I'm gunna forget that my nummy meatloaf is all burnt and I spent hours making it. He's such a jerk. I mean, I'm Caelia. I deserve better! Yeah, Louie's got that nice abs thing goin-on and he's still cute even with the burns, but I'm dead sexy. Thinking of a black-haired Tinkerbelle might come close, but I can fit my skinny butt thru a key hole, thank-you-very-much. And "KER-PLOW-ING!" my home into firewood is no way to introduce your-self to a lady. This is too much, even for a Monday morning. Next time I'm making sandwiches.

CTENIZIDAE ----------------------------------------

i've lost track of the days, despite the easy math required to add them using the current date. Almost a year. No... Over a year. The time is irrelevant to the tasks and goal required. i haven't forgotten them. In actuality, its best if they have forgotten me. Stealth is one of the best weapons. My sight lies in gaiamancy. To feel the wood in the paper was the answer. It was difficult at first to focus constantly. Now i would consider my normal sight inferior to the almost perfect clairvoyance. All life holds its own color. However, you may have noted i now must script in blood to see my writings. It is my story, so i know whose blood must be used.

Caelia is my constant companion, reading all i lack in vision. She has become the only love in my life. Her actions betray her speech. The complaints and worries are only voiced, yet her actions speak volumes. She cares for me deeply. It is said that a fairy can grant one wish in her lifetime. Just as my sister told her not to use it for her hearing, i have said the same for my vision. Her offer is a profound gesture, but not what she truly wishes for herself. She still thinks in the terms of flesh, unable to see the scope of her own ageless lifetime. She can barely remember Echo anymore. i don't trouble her over it. I've learned her memory is limited considering the size of her brain and the almost immortal lifespan. It's likely why she's so cheerful... she's such a daft pinhead. i owe everything to her now. She's the only good thing in my life.

i was blind and left with nothing. The floating girl, whose wings sound like faint wind chimes, begs me to move. The cries give away her despair of Echo and my possible coming death. i don't speak, only hush her calmly. She wears herself out and sobs apologies. i can't comfort her. There is no comfort in the place we are in. i can't tell anymore if it's tears or blood coming from around my eyes. i see no hope in this new darkness. The morning dawns with my light wounds healed. i can feel the death around me now like a deeper darkness. The epiphany happens. The world becomes blurs for feelings. Feelings as familiar as childhood friends of 30 years ago. i now know i will see again with my mind one day.

i ask my winged love to scribe the day, for fear i shall forget or never have the chance. i meditate to sharpen my senses. Caelia then brought humans riding tigers to my aid. They've decide to rob me. They tell me they want to remove my armor to tend my wounds. i have no open wounds. i only need assistance to the nearest town. They use force, so i am forced to reply in kind. i may not see, but i can feel their hands grasp my arms. i don't need eyes to grapple. i throw them into the gutter after the bruising. i become a thief of thieves by taking one of their mounts. Caelia finds my saddle in a tree a few hours later. The large stolen tiger is quick to see that i'm much nicer than its previous owner, yet due to Caelia being both a toy and a potential snack for him; i trade ("Loak" i think his name was,) him in for a female bird mount back in town. i rename her Traxi. What the foul lacks in tracking or hunting it more than makes up for intelligence and speed. Caelia was also glad to stop hiding within my vestplate. As i remember she had a few choice words about her time in there. She asked me to wash with mild oil extracts from flowers. i have to admit, i do smell better. However, there is something to be said for liking how girls smell and smelling like a girl. i still use oil extract in my soap, just not from flowers anymore. i digress.

i still draw breath; therefore i must continue my quest. i've returned to the temple. They bend their rules for Caelia to be my "seeing eye fairy" or some such. i knew i would be hiding behind safe walls from my enemy. i knew i could not win if challenged again. i needed to brood and build my strength. i still do. Knowledge is strength. The tracks are cold. So i must lay sheet webs and wait for the web of to snare my prey for me. - End log - Age of Gaia 26 Dec 2009

BIXIE ---------------------------------------------
i found my prey some time ago. Seven years of failure rewarded. Seven years of bartenders, curriers, law enforcement and bounty hunters being paid as informants. Bribes made possible by destroying corpses that still move and hunger. i sold what was left of the swamp plantation also. The irony wasn’t lost on me that i had set fire to my sister’s home in the explosion years ago. i seem to burn the lives I touch.

Fitting i found a smoke rat to tell me where to go. A handful of coin is all loyalty is worth to the wasted. i have become strong, swift, skilled and formidable. All for what? This was not what i sought. Not this short, fat, balding, petulant, useless excuse for a human. Perhaps i still have my goal, but have i been robbed of my satisfaction. In only a few short years, this formidable opponent has become more likely to die of the mundane than any noteworthy effort or accomplishment. If i were to take his life, what would be lost? What pain of loss would he fear in those final moments?

What do i do? What is fair and just? How i want his fear and pain. The death of this coward would not stave my hunger. He is so weak. There would be no pride in his death, no honor, no point. How much evil do i truly wish to use in my vengeance. Should i wait until he finds another to share his cesspool with? Wait until they copulate their own brood of bipeds? When will it be rip to strike? What will be the price he needs to pay for my pain? He has nothing worth destroying! This can't be justice without balance! All my effort to do evil to evil has been thrown to the fungal flowers if I do nothing.

Nothing is what he changed me into. The nothing in my mind is all i have left from before seven years. It is where all my agony grows rampant and the demons whisper of my pathetic escape from death. i’ve come to terms that these feelings will never go away. Nothing i do will ever change that. But someone must suffer for my suffering. Someone needs to die. - End log - Age of Gaia 1 Aug 2010

A chunk of his lip hung from his mouth. Half a tooth drooled to the floor, changing the spatter to a pooled combination of his leaked pain and suffering. As the pool lengthened, his life shortened. It didn't happen do to blood loss; it happened do to no blood movement. Not unlike drowning, the body convulsed violently in an agonizing pain as each cell starved to death at the same time. The nerves were slave to their function, unable to grant mercy to their owner. Perhaps the mind died from the excruciating feeling, rather than being dragged down from the fall of the liquid flesh. Regardless, dead is dead. I can assure you; this man was evil in life. I will not elaborate, I will not speak ill of the dead. Whatever the horror he felt in its passing, it was a prelude overture to the crescendo of death and the symphony of hell. The hell you planned for another became your own.

Is it strange I shall morn you? Is it strange that your enemy would want to provide a eulogy? I envy his conviction, being resolved from the beginning. He confronted things headlong. A worthy adversary unlike any I have faced. He made me stronger and showed me that there was more. He made me dead. You poisoned me before revealing your notice of me. You had assured victory before the battle even begun. I deluded myself thinking I was the cunning one. Paying a hobo to live in a fake house in my name. Spreading clues and feeding scraps for this bloodhound to find. A trap that played its part. And you used it, you played it against me. You let the trapper bind himself to the trap. You caught me. Even a fake entry into these memoirs, brilliant. A flawless performance, Lumen Aught. Were it not for your honor to face me, you would still live. For what, I know not.

It's obvious your story was not a comity. No, you choose your life to wear another mask. I know this version of you now. I've read this new you thru the pages. I didn't kill one man twice. I've killed two different men, entirely. Speaking of which, forgive the desecration of your remains, I simply want you to stay dead this time. If your old life is given its own soul, may it be allowed into paradise by seer comparison of what you had become.

My reasons and who I am are my story. I will not disgrace these contents with my selfishness. The slow poison has caught up to me, I fear. These two days you gave me have been surprising. I know not which of us was the stronger. Our two battles prove nothing. However, I do know you have achieved a greater victory. Unlike me, you are at peace. For you knew: If entering heaven without completing thy vengeance would be hell, complete thy vengeance and accept damnation in peace.

I now see that Life is Chaos & Order is Oblivion itself.



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