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Gender: Female

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Birthday: 02/22/1983

Occupation: University Student


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Hiiiiii! Thanks for stopping by biggrin Nice to meet you mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

was getting too busy here... sweatdrop

>under construction<

Since I have so many comments on my profile at the moment I figured it cant hurt to ask all my passer by’s if they perhaps have any unwanted inks or have friends who do, please stop by my quest thread for the colour body dyes if you have the time:

Thank you so much 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh

Have a great day whee heart

Dream Rainbow Avvy - Quest Complete <3 (Just waiting for the gogh reeds 2 evolve <3) THANK YOUUU SOOOO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME <3 You guys are AAAAMAAAZZZZIIINNNGGG!!! whee heart

Beautifully detailed avvy art I got from a complete stranger, crimson_kanji just out of the kindness of her heart, I love it so much! <3 whee heart

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Eeeeeeeee, awesome avvvy art I got from my friend Acid Wishes for my dream rainbow avvy <3

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BEAUTIFUL avvy art I got from my friend Hafnia <3

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BEAUTIFUL friendship pic I got from Pats TJ whee heart The saying is so true: Friends are family we choose ourselves ^~^ <3

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I'm so blessed with the family I didnt get to choose AND the family I did wink <3 My friends are the reason behind my smile, my wings when I'm falling down & the end to my every frown ^~^ <3

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Eli the Sun Princess Report | 02/22/2014 3:03 pm
Eli the Sun Princess
heart Happy birthday!!!! heart
ShadowCloud_FF7 Report | 02/19/2014 11:09 am
Happy 3 day Early BIrthday hope you have a fantastic one smile
ShadowCloud_FF7 Report | 02/11/2014 3:10 pm
I'm alright just been playing Castle age on FB and Grandia all over again smile it's an awesome RPG and I am doing Side Quest on WKC because I got beaten when I took on 2 Gigas sad
anhkat497 Report | 02/11/2014 11:26 am
Everything else can be a surprise, I was trying to find something else besides sweets to no avail sad

Cadbury Astros
Cadbury Topdeck
Chocolate Log
Slo kitkats
Cadbury Tempo
Choclats Marionettes
Small packet of Miko medium roast coffee
anhkat497 Report | 02/11/2014 11:03 am
oh oh oh !!!!
Have you ever seen a African wild cat blaugh
I absolutely adore cats ( I have 6 of my own) , people typically call me a crazy cat lady but I have enough space to take care of them and try and provide them with the best foods to eat for their specific diet ( if I have beef that is close to expiring , I typically cook it to medium rare with no seasonings and sauces . Then, I cut it up and feed it to them an they love it to bits whee
anhkat497 Report | 02/11/2014 9:34 am
Oh fiddlesticks! Nevermind on the Sally Williams , could i exchange those for Cadbury Astro bits?

I actually have some Milo packets from an exchange with Singapore a while back ago, I've been nervous about trying it since the one I have is the protein shake. How do they taste?
Sure I'll get you a king size and I have snack sizes of them as well I'll throw in smile

The list thing is a good idea, I will comment again with my list since I'm doing some college work at the same time xD

Aww you don't have to get me some v-day sweets >w<

Lol, you will most definitely have a sugar high lol, our candy is loaded with sugar xD
ShadowCloud_FF7 Report | 02/10/2014 9:34 pm
how have you been?
anhkat497 Report | 02/10/2014 4:03 pm
I can do a bar or two for Sally Williams if they come with no nuts, typically I can handle the peanuts in snickers and that is about it . I'm sorry !

So now what should it be , does $30 USD dollars sound good? That is awesome about the Kitkats xD Though it is cheaper than what we have here I believe ._.''

Did I mention we have these

or these


Did you want that or just the bars? I can grab the KING size ones for ya if you want the bars smile

Oh yea, we get almond joys, did you want to try them as well?

I'm actually extremely excited :3 I love doing exchanges and this will help me get a snack exchange from south Africa for my exchange quest biggrin

I honestly would just enjoy the kitkat ones, I tried Aero before and I wasn't a fan . I'm sorry sad

So as of now, what is the list of what you would like to try so I can make sure I can to get them all for you smile

Queen Ejizzabeth Report | 02/10/2014 12:23 pm
Queen Ejizzabeth
Hi, i'll get back to your letter soon as possible. I've just been very sick lately and the cold weather in my town isnt helping. I hope you understand. I'm sorry sad
anhkat497 Report | 02/07/2014 7:16 am
Sure I know I can grab Mint and Pretzel smile

I have to go looking for coconut because its dependent on the store biggrin

I can actually grab the cookie dough bites, hersheys cookies & cream and I am not sure on snow caps but I will check biggrin

The chocolate covered sounds fantastic ! If they have a box of milk and dark that would be so uber tasty <3

gurrll can I try like one or two of those slo cool kitkats ?!!?

We just get milk, dark chocolate as well as white I believe. We get lame kitkats here xD

But I can save a red velvet M&M to send to you gurly , they are limited edition ! We also have cookie dough and marshmallow crispy Oreos too :p

I think we may have coconut oreo fudgesters too as well still :p

We may need to raise the price if you are wanting all of these . Oreos when on sale are 2/5. The Hersheys is like 3 and the M&M are like 3.50 a bag or .69 cents for the small one . The Sno Caps and Cookie Dough Bites are $1 a piece when I find them :p

We also get Mounds

I can also send Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts too :p

I believe I can get these also


Visit my thread ~ My Art, Cosplay & Positivity Pages ~ ooooh wink whee heart 4laugh

Lulu wants any colour of yr unwanted inks so she can make the colour body dyes <3 Thank u smile

Lulu also collects tokens&tickets if u have any unwanted ones<3 Thank u smile

Avvy art by Acid Wishes <3

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